Dowry harassment claims one more young woman's life in Bengaluru

Dowry harassment claims one more young woman's life in Bengaluru

28-year-old techie allegedly killed herself in Bangalore due to dowry demands. She was mum to a 16-month-old little boy. Full story here.

Dowry cases in India are perhaps still a burning reality. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there were 7,634 dowry deaths in India in 2015. The women were either burned alive or pushed into committing suicide due to harassment. 

In an unfortunate incident at Ramamurthy Nagar in East Bengaluru, 28-year-old mum Rashmi Sathish, committed suicide on Saturday, 24th February 2018, in the afternoon. She is said to have taken this drastic step due to alleged dowry harassment from her husband and mother-in-law. 

Dowry cases in India: Rashmi Sathish is allegedly a dowry harassment victim

dowry cases in India

Women commit suicide due to dowry harassment. Image: File Image

On the day she died, Rashmi sent a text to her sister living in the US and shared that it was her last day. The young mum also requested her sister to take care of her 16-month-old son. Rashmi’s sister received the message at around 12.30PM IST and immediately alerted their mother, Bhagyamma, to find out what was going on.

Bhagyamma, who lived in Malleswaram, rushed to her daughter’s house around 1.30PM but found it locked from inside. Rashmi’s husband, Sathish, had gone to his village in Kolar district.

Rashmi and Sathish were married for around three years. Both worked in the Manyata Tech Park as software engineers, but Rashmi had quit her job around two weeks prior to the incident. 

When police broke the door open, they found Rashmi hanging from the ceiling fan. Her body was handed over to her relatives after the postmortem. 

Bhagyamma complained that the mother-son duo was harassing Rashmi for more dowry, which she claimed pushed her daughter to take such an extreme step.The police have already detained Sathish and his mother, Gayatri, on the charges of dowry death. 

Dowry cases in India: How to deal with harassment?

dowry cases in India

Women should speak up about harassment, Image: File Image

Dowry cases in India are said to be a burning problem even now. If you find yourself in such situation, here’s how you can handle such harassment.

Try to have a dialogue

Make a few but genuine attempts to resolve the situation. But remember to not put in one sided efforts in such situations. Try to show your in-laws and your husband that they are wrong. Share with them that instead of resorting to harassment, they should instead look at you as a family member and not an outsider.

Never keep quiet

Remember that keeping quiet will not help you. You need to voice your problems. Share them with your family members, friends, and relatives who can help you. Not speaking about harassment can boost your perpetrator’s courage.

Lodge a complaint

Without being afraid about what people may think about you and your family, lodge a complaint about dowry harassment under the IPC Section 304B in your nearest police station. Seeking legal help may prove to be the best way to handle dowry harassment.

Seek counselling

Take help from a professional counsellor as harassment can leave you in deep emotional trauma. Don’t feel embarrassment about this as your own mental health is crucial.

Keep you child away from the drama

It is crucial that children are not involved in the harassment, as such a situation can have a bad impact on them. So keep your kids safe and should things go out of your control, seek legal assistance.

Source: The Times of India

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