Kajol celebrates daughter’s 14th birthday with a special message and a surprise gift!

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Kajol took Nysa out for a day of shopping after she came back from school!

You can trust actor and mum-of-two Kajol Devgan to always speak her mind, no matter the issue. She never minces her words and is always quite expressive, even when in public.

So it should come as no surprise to know that she maintains the same approach and attitude in her personal life and doesn't shy away from expressing herself, especially when it comes to her children. And that's precisely what she did when her daughter Nysa Devgan turned 14 yesterday (April 20).

The doting mum who has been vocal about her love for her kids as well as her disciplinarian parenting methods wished her daughter in the sweetest possible way.

She shared a throwback picture of her baby girl and wrote a rather heart-warming message, just as any regular mum would.

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Nysa also got a fancy birthday gift from mum!

She wrote: "It's always been ur smile. Happy birthday to my darling girl. Love you to the moon and back." But Kajol didn't stop at just an Instagram post.

The full-time mum also took her daughter out for some fancy birthday shopping and the two were spotted coming out of a 'Charles & Keith' outlet in Mumbai. While Kajol was dressed casually, Nysa was seen in her school uniform holding her new purchase.

Even dad Ajay Devgan reportedly had a special surprise for his doting daughter. He flew in from Hyderabad where is shooting for a movie to spend time with Nysa on her special day.

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And while it seems that the parents did something special for their daughter, as any parent would, they are not the ones to unnecessarily spoil their kids.

Both Ajay and Kajol are aware of the privileges they can afford for their kids, but they always try to keep things as normal as possible. In fact, in an interview once Kajol revealed that she wanted her kids to have a working mother because such kids are able to learn a lot from working parents.

Kajol's unique parenting style

In her recent interview to a leading daily she says, "I honestly think it’s very educative for children to have working parents, and to have a working mother mostly, because that’s where the influence comes on the girl child."

"When I was a child, I did resent sometimes that my mother went to work, and I used to tell her, ‘Mom, why can’t you be like other mothers who are at home and cooking?’ She used to be like ‘No, I have to work. I need to work’."

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"At that point in time, maybe I felt a resentment towards her work, but when I started working, I realised that the work ethic I have, the way I work, the amount of hard work that I did was only because I had seen my mother do that all my life."

"So, hence and therefore, I feel that my daughter hopefully will understand that when she sees her mother go for work… when she grows up, she will realise that it’s important for her to work as well for her own independence and development," she shared.

It's no wonder then that the couple did not make their teenage daughter's birthday such a horridly grand affair, but kept it normal with a small gift she liked. And frankly, there is much to learn from them in terms of how we must stop spoiling our kids.

3 ways to give kids a rich childhood without spoiling them

  • Don't replace love with gifts: Your child's emotional needs cannot be fulfilled by gifts or worldly possessions. Many parents resort to buying expensive gifts because they feel guilty about not spending too much time with their children. But that's absolutely wrong. Your child only yearns for your time, so give him that as much as possible.
  • Teach your kids the value of money: If you do not teach your child the value of money, he or she will never think anything of the hardwork you put in to earn those possessions. So engage them in conversations about how they must earn their own worth and learn to stand on their own feet.
  • Lead by example: Children are great imitators, they learn what they see. And if they see you slog and work hard to earn and make a good living, they will strive to do the same. Teach them to 'give back' and be more generous and grateful in life, by doing the same.

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