10 effective ways to lose the post-pregnancy weight naturally!

10 effective ways to lose the post-pregnancy weight naturally!

Sherly Ganesh, nutritionist and dietician at the Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore tells you how to get back to shape after pregnancy.


After you have celebrated the arrival of your newborn baby and enjoyed basking in the motherhood bliss, you are eager to look like your old self again. However, there is no magic pill that would help you lose all that weight overnight. Weight loss after pregnancy is a unique and a personal journey.

One must understand that weight loss after pregnancy is a unique and a personal journey. Women who undergo caesarean delivery need a longer recovery period than those who have a normal birth.

A cut from a C-section takes a number of weeks to heal, and it might take some time before one desires to work out. Preferably, women post pregnancy should aim to lose 2 kgs a month only after the post-natal check-up. Post-natal check-up happens only after eight weeks of delivery.


However, a post-natal workout plan depends on an individual’s recovery process. It also depends on the level of fitness that was maintained during the whole pregnancy. It is very important to listen to an individual’s body and be keen to notice any signs of distress such as bleeding, pain, or tearing at the incision site, or even excessive fatigue.

A high protein galactagogues rich diet should be taken post pregnancy to promote breast milk production. A 2 ½ hrs of moderate-intensity aerobic activity — preferably spread throughout the week after pregnancy is recommended. Walking for at least 30-45 minutes a day also helps.

Sherly Ganesh, nutritionist and dietician at the Columbia Asia Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore suggests the following ways that will help lose the post-pregnancy weight naturally:

1. Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding helps shed the excess pounds naturally. In general, 12-13 kg is the approximate weight gain during pregnancy which is shed naturally on exclusive breastfeeding and performing some kind of daily activity.

2. Drink up: Post pregnancy the fluid balance should be maintained in a mother’s body. Many women face the problem of constipation, post-delivery. To prevent it, drink at least 8-ounce glasses of fluids a day, and even more.

3. Don’t diet: Any form of dieting should be avoided post pregnancy, as new mothers also have to breastfeed the baby.  A mother should eat enough calories to fuel milk production. The mother needs to choose a healthy, nutritious platter since what she eats is the sole source of nutrition for the baby.

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 4. Walk every day: Walking at an easy pace is recommended, as it helps prevent blood clots and other complications, and at the same time it helps to promote healing for those who have undergone C-Section.

5. Find time to exercise: It is safe to start with light exercises such as modified push-ups, walking and stretching within a few days of giving birth. Aerobic exercises, pelvic tilt and kegel exercises, bridge cardiovascular exercise, modified cobra forward bend and lower abdominal slide can be other beneficial options. 

6. Know your body: There is a different lifestyle, work pattern and physical requirement for each individual. Apart from this, it also depends on the type of delivery a woman had. This is why it is essential that a woman knows her body limitations and then takes up a weight loss regimen.

 7. Eat right: Load on lots of super foods to reduce those extra pounds. Include protein galactagogues rich diet. These include whole grains, nuts, seeds and papaya. Instead of grabbing a packet of chips when you are hungry, try to get something healthy such as a bowl of assorted nuts.

 8. Get plenty of sleep: While you are feeling the pressure to squeeze into your old jeans, you also have a lot to think about your little one: when to feed, what would you do if she cries and the list goes on! But, it is really important for you to have appropriate sleep and get adequate rest

 9. Stress Management: It’s perfectly fine if you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster with sleep deprivation, lack of time for yourself and new responsibilities. But, it is better for you to give your body some time to recover and manage stress. High stress levels can ruin your weight loss plans.

 10. Ask for help: Meet your physiotherapist so that the correct form of exercise can be suggested as per your posture. Consulting your physiotherapist will also give you emotional support.

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