Don't give kids medicines for every small ailment, says Dr Uday Ananth Pai

Don't give kids medicines for every small ailment, says Dr Uday Ananth Pai

Leading paediatrician Dr Uday Ananth Pai on how Indian parenting has changed over the years

There are many Indian baby care myths that are propagated by midwives and old grandmothers, but the truth is some of them could be causing your baby more harm than good.

And who else would be better to reiterate that fact than India's leading paediatrician Dr Uday Ananth Pai. Dr Pai is also the ex-President of Indian Academy of Paediatrics.

Baby care myths: Then and Now

In an exclusive interview to theAsianparent Community, Dr Uday Pai talks about how Indian parenting has changed over the years and how baby care myths have also changed today. Here are some of the points that are worth pondering over:

  • The many baby care myths in India: While earlier people used to believe that kajal should be put in a newborns' eyes, today parents know that it is not good for their baby.
    "Kajal is made from charcoal and therefore charcoal would be bad for the baby's eyes as it is not hygienic. So now even paediatricians are trying to educate the parents and aware. Myths have to be cleared and we do that as much as we can," says Dr Pai, who was a part of the expert panel at the launch of Baby Dove in India.
  • Raising kids now Vs raising kids in the old days: "In the old days, the fifth or the sixth child would take care of the seventh one, today there is mostly a one child family or a two kids family at the most and parents have started looking for scientific explanations," says Dr Pai.
  • Parenting no-nos: Dr Pai says that with changing times the parenting no-nos are also shifting. "So while earlier we used to say no kajal for babies and no honey should be given to a newborn, today we advise parents to keep their babies away from mobiles, iPads etc," says Dr Pai.
    "Today's parents should also be cautious of what they should speak in front of their kids as children pick up very fast and make a huge impact on the child's well-being and growth," he adds.
  • Dependency on medicines: "As doctors, we strictly advise mothers to not use any medicines. We as paediatricians for the last two years are making efforts to raise a AAA club, which is to avoid antibiotic abuse, "says Dr Pai.

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