Your dominant sense determines the type of parent you are

Your dominant sense determines the type of parent you are

You know the five senses, but did you know that your dominant sense can determine the way you raise your kids? What type of parent are you?

You're well aware of the five senses of the human body: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. You're also probably aware that people learn, understand, and translate information better through certain senses. For example, you may be an auditory learner, or a visual learner.

Well, I bet you didn't know that your primary sense can also determine what type of parent you are! In a recent article published by The Hamilton Spectator, Priscilla Dunstan analysed how a parent's most dominant sense can affect how they rear their children.

Here's a look at the various senses and how they impact the way you raise your kids.

What type of parent are you?

1. Hearing

If you're an audible parent, you tell your kids you love them more than most, because of your emphasis on being vocal. You answer each and every question they ask (even if there are tonnes), and are always willing to lend them an ear. Whenever your kids have something to say, you listen intently and look forward to giving advice. Simply put, an audible parent loves one-on-one interaction, and encourages learning emotionally and intellectually through deep conversation.

An audible parent is also very cautious of excess noise, so if you use phrases like "Use your indoor voices" or encourage playing the "quiet game," you may be an auditory parent.

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2. Taste/Smell

These two senses fall into one category. According to Dunstan, a parent who falls under this category is very outgoing. More so than your average parent. Your kid's needs and priorities are so high above your own that you tend to find yourself exhausted as a result.

A parent who falls under this distinct category also tends to display the best memory. They're always mindful and knowing of their children's favorite foods, activities, and other noteworthy things. As a result, you'll find that these types of parents have the most memorabilia around the house.


3. Touch

As expected, these types of parents are the "huggers" and "cuddlers." Parents who are more tactile are never afraid to show their love in public with a cheek pinch, hug, or a pat on the back. They also are the most affectionate and tend to coddle their kids. Whenever your kid gets a "booboo" you're more than willing to kiss it and make it better.

Since parents under this category are more physically reliant than others, they encourage physical activity for their kids. This means that if you're a tactile parent, your kids are probably involved in a lot of team sports, or athletics.

Though they understand the importance of physical activity, a parent who is tactile dominant will also emphasise comfort. According to Dunstan, a parent under this category will have a comfy home, that's cozy and welcoming.

4. Sight

A parent who is sight dominant, as Dunstan claims, is aware of appearances and the impact that they have in society. If your visual based, your kids are likely dressed in nice clothing and are always appear orderly and neat. This isn't to impress others, though. Visual parents care about appearance because they want to protect their kids from judgment.

Dunstan also claims that sight dominant parents have the highest expectations. Not just for their kids, but for themselves. This means that visual parents typically have nice houses and home that are always spick and span and well-organized. They don't do this strictly for appearances either. they simply want their kids to have the best by showing them the best they can offer.

What type of sense do you think best describes the type of parent you are? Let us know!

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