Stray dog finds an abandoned newborn on the street; saves his life

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In Oman, the street dog found the baby lying in the bin. Read on to know how the dog saved the baby's life

This story will put a lot of us to shame. When a hungry street dog finds a newborn dumped in a bin, what do you think he would have done? Eat it, right away? However, this dog on the streets of Oman did completely the opposite.

Only a few hours old, with its umbilical cord still attached to it, he carried the baby in his jaws to a nearby house. He then placed the baby at the door and started barking. He wanted to rescue the baby.


The dog placed the baby at a family’s doorstep

The family after noticing the loud barks opened the door to find the baby at their doorstep. They rushed the newborn to the hospital and baby’s life was saved.

The authorities in Oman are trying to figure out what happened with the baby. Speechless? So are we! Watch this video.

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