Does your husband also 'disturb' you the cute way Akshay Kumar does? Here's what it could mean!

Does your husband also 'disturb' you the cute way Akshay Kumar does? Here's what it could mean!

If your partner loves getting pampered, chances are you have a successful marriage, explains clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany

Twinkle Khanna is a former actor, a noted interior designer and now the best-selling author! Her debut book Mrs Funnybones sold over 1,00,000 copies. In fact, she has now got the honour of being the highest selling debut author and the highest selling female author of 2015.

Don't believe us?

Well then, maybe you will believe Mr Funnybones, Akshay Kumar, who proudly announced his wife's achievement on his Twitter account.

But just when he was about to add some more glitter (perhaps!), Khanna very sweetly dished out a candid detail of her marriage. She mentioned that her hubby 'disturbs' her all the time, especially when she is down to work!

Well, clearly this star couple is just like us.

But is such a 'disturbance' an indication of a happy marriage? Perhaps in their case, but not without a balance.

We spoke to Seema Hingorrany, leading clinical psychologist who shed more light on the subject.

When the husband asks you for his things...

Hingorrany explains that while Kumar's case is a classic example of a great connection between the couple, striking a balance is key to a successful marriage.

"This is an indication of a deep connection, which can be seen in many marriages. Sometimes a partner loves getting pampered by his or her spouse and it is healthy to a point. But sometimes you just need to give space to your partner and know that it's absolutely all right to be independent in a marriage. You must know how to strike the correct balance," she explains.

5 golden rules to a successful marriage

She adds that while balance is a must in any happy marriage, there are a few other things couples must keep in mind in order to enjoy a healthy matrimonial life.

She lists the following golden rules to a happy and balanced marriage:

  • Do things together: "Marriage is a work in progress, so always try to engage in activities together. Doing so ensures that you bond better," she says.
  • Never bring each other down: "Remember to keep your ego aside when dealing with your partner. It's never advisable to think "Why should I do this for him/her?" Always try to remember that this car will move when both the partners make an effort," she says.
  • Be transparent: "It's better to maintain transparency in a relationship rather than hide anything from your partner. For instance, if you are going somewhere, there is no harm in sharing this information with your partner. It doesn't mean that you are not independent, it just means that there is more transparency and space in your relationship," she says.
  • Be independent: "Being independent means doing your own activities and not depending entirely on your partner. But it also means striking the right balance between where you should be dependent and where you should be independent. This ensures long-lasting trust in a relationship," she says.
  • Work on yourself: "Nobody is perfect. Everybody has some flaw and we must first work on our flaws as opposed to pointing fingers at others. Many couples have individual baggages from their past life and they tend to carry them in their marriages. So it's advisable to work on removing those baggages. This will ensure a peaceful and a more balanced matrimony," says Hingorrany.

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