Does breast size increase after marriage?

Does breast size increase after marriage?

It’s one of those wondered-about-it-but-didn’t-know-whom-to-ask questions. Read what our expert has to say on whether getting married affects breast size

For many of us out there who are slightly less endowed, breast size seems to be a constant worrying factor. While the online world is abuzz with breast enhancement techniques and we have heard many old-wives-tales about breast size increase after marriage, how do you decide what to believe?

Reasons for the ‘increase’ range from happy-mood-binging to hormonal changes post marriage. But is any of this really true and can breast size and shape change at all?

The most questions about breast size increase after marriage!

Our health expert gynaecologist Dr Lovleena Nadir shares her knowledge giving us an insight on whether breast size increase after marriage is for real.

Can a woman’s breast size alter once developed fully?

Yes, but it’s only during pregnancy that breast undergoes changes. This happens in preparation for lactation. These breast changes that occur in pregnancy are because of hormonal changes.

What are the changes that a woman may observe during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there is a definite growth and increase in size of the breasts. You will notice that their tenderness increases. Also, the nipples and the skin around them (areola) darken.

breast size increase after marriage

Increased blood supply to breasts may appear as darkened veins and small tubercles or raised bumps appear on the surface of the areola. Even the nipples may grow larger.

Does breast size increase after marriage?

It is just a myth. Marriage has nothing to do with breast size.

So there you have it, ladies! Another myth gets 'bust'ed.

Our expert, Dr Lovleena Nadir is a Senior Consultant, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist at Fortis la Femme, the women's speciality centre of Fortis Healthcare

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