5 Diwali shopping mistakes that cost you MORE money than you think!

5 Diwali shopping mistakes that cost you MORE money than you think!

How to ensure that Diwali doesn’t take out the Diwala out of you

Even if you have resolved that you will not spend any extra money this Diwali, chances are with so many stores screaming bumper festive offers, you may give in to temptation.

And even though it’s okay during the festive season to loosen your purse strings and treats yourself to occasional indulgences, it is better not to be fooled by bogus pre-Diwali sales.

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Here we give you those ultimate Diwali shopping hacks that are guaranteed to help you save that precious cash.

1.Going for big discounts offers: Last Diwali I bought myself an entire non-stick cooking range when I only needed a new griddle. The reason why I went for an entire range was because the store was offering me a 20 percent off if I buy multiple pieces.

In my mind, at that time I thought I was being a genius because in the price of one griddle I was getting an extra pan for no cost. But today when I see that entire range collecting dust I think I was, well, not so smart a shopper.

So the lesson: Stick to what you need if you want to save money. A discount over items that you do not need is no discount but is only extra cash leaving your wallet for no good reason.

2. Going for bonus items: A lunchbox along with a suitcase or a rice cooker if you buy a new cooking range is again trapped to lure the buyer. It is better to approach these offers as traps.

You surely would not want to buy a suitcase only because you are getting an extra lunch box. Resist from adding extra items when by next Diwali you will again be planning to de-clutter and may be staring at that lunchbox in despair. For most households, these free offers end up as being unnecessary pile-ons.

5 Diwali shopping mistakes that cost you MORE money than you think!

And remember the retailer has often included the cost of the freebie in the main purchase so more often that not you are being fooled.

3.Shopping just before Diwali: Going shopping just 2 days ahead of Diwali? Now the stores know that you are desperate and may have hiked up prices on most festive essentials.

A smart shopper plans in advance. For instance if you go shopping for non-perishable gifts a fortnight in advance, that will be the prime time that the retailer would want to lure you lest you look at other offers. So for a good deal to become best, the timing has to be perfect too.

4. Going for buy three get one schemes: Here’s how it works for the retailer – the store charges you for the most expensive item while you get the least expensive item as a freebie.

If you think about it rationally it is hardly an offer you should even consider for spending money on more than the usual number of items that you would have otherwise bought. If you can then it is better to negotiate on the price of the items you intend to buy than carry a useless free item.

5. Not making a list: List everything that you require for festival shopping and more importantly stick to it. There is no joy in overshooting your budget and calculating how Diwali literally took the diwala out of you later.

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