You will fall in love with this dreamy picture from Divyanka Tripathi's pre-wedding shoot

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As a twist of fate unfolded their first meeting, here is a sneak peek into the world of that famous ‘lost’ girl who ‘found’ her Prince Charming…"

Television’s new ‘it’ couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are all set for their July wedding. But before that, they decided to go for a pre-wedding shoot.

Needless to say, the good-looking couple added their charm to this shoot and it turns out the first picture is as dreamy as it gets.

The pre-wedding picture

The picture was taken by The Wedding Story, and they posted a dreamy message alongside.

“She was the ‘famous’ girl loved by billions… Yet she was just a simple girl… Looking for a boy… And on that fateful day she unexpectedly bumped into him…
As a twist of fate unfolded their first meeting, here is a sneak peek into the world of that famous ‘lost’ girl who ‘found’ her Prince Charming…”

divyanka tripathi

Image courtesy: The Wedding Story

The couple were first introduced to each other though a common friend. And, after a few meetings, they were sure they were perfect for each other.

Their love story

In an interview to a leading daily, Dahiya narrated their love story.

“When a co-actor suggested that Divyanka and I should meet as both of us were single, my first reaction was ‘What!’ I had never thought of having an arranged marriage because I feel in today’s times you need to take your time, know a person and not rush into it. But he insisted that we at least go for a coffee and we did.”

divyanka tripathi

“We had met with the perspective of seeing other as a life partner and in the first meeting itself I was largely convinced that she is the one for me. But I decided not be hasty about it,” he said.

Continue reading to see how Dahiya proposed to Tripathi in a his signature style.

The proposal

Soon after the couple met, sparks flew and they connected. And it was on her birthday last year that Dahiya finally decided to propose.

Tripathi elaborates, “He proposed to me on my birthday December 14, last year. We had gone to Bengaluru together to visit my family and it was the first time he was meeting my parents. Just before the cake cutting, I saw Vivek standing with this beautiful T-Shirt with ‘Marry Me Diyvanka’ written on it.”

“He told me ‘you have everything, but you need somebody who will be committed to you for life. I promise I will never hurt you and keep you happy all your life’. He had a ring in his hand. It was the most beautiful experience of my life…I was completely swept off my feet,” she says.

divyanka tripathi

Future plans

The couple now plans to travel together to Bali, Madives, Caribbean islands and New Zealand soon after the wedding. “Since we both love travelling it shouldn’t be difficult,” quips Tripathi, who had recently gone for some wedding bling shopping.

In fact, she also posed for some bridal shoots and looked simply breathtaking in her bridal avatar.

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