Disgusting! Telangana man beats up first wife in front of second spouse for having a baby girl

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Sangeetha was harassed not just by her husband but also by his family. The family subjected her to this treatment because she gave birth to a female child. 

It is a story that generates both shock and disgust. A Telangana man badly abused and beat up his first wife and also dumped her. Her fault -- she gave birth to a baby girl. The incident shows the cruel face of patriarchy and how deep-rooted the bias in our society is.

But if you thought, the monster stopped after this, then you are wrong. The man had the courage to then go ahead and marry for the second time hoping to get a male child this time around.

When the first wife questioned her husband for getting married again without seeking a legal divorce from her, he decided to beat her up. All this in front of her family as well as the couples' child.

The Telangana man whose name is P Srinivas Reddy, is a TRS activist. He tied the knot with one Sangeetha four years ago.

According to reports, his first wife Sangeetha moved out of his home a few months ago as she was unable to keep up with torture and abuse she was subjected to on a daily basis.

Sangeetha was harassed not just by her husband but also by his family. The family subjected her to this treatment because she gave birth to a female child.

Married again

P Srinivas Reddy was so blind in his quest to have a son that he went ahead and married again. He did not even think it was necessary to take legalities into consideration and did not bother about as much as informing and divorcing his first wife.

This past Sunday, when Sangeetha got to know of her husbands' remarriage she came to confront him. However, he beat her up in presence of family members.

The ruckus that ensued

As per reports, Sangeetha accompanied by her mother and brothers decided to turn up at her husband's house. She was also carrying along their baby. But she was stopped by her husband who then forced her out of the house.

But it wasn't just Srinivas who committed atrocities against Sangeetha. He was soon joined up by his family members who also beat her up publicly.

A video being circulated shows a woman dragging Sangeetha by hair as she is slapped by her husband.

The incident serves as a rude reminder for all of us on how shamefully patriarchal our society is. If we all do not change this mindset then many more women and girls will have to suffer.

What women must know

Harassment against women is becoming a common recurrence both in big and small cities. As a woman it is best to be equipped with knowledge of certain rights and legalities to ensure that no one can take advantage of you.

1.Report the matter: If you are being ill-treated by your husband or your in-laws, the law gives you the right to complain. Seek a police protection and report the matter instead of taking things in your own hand.

2.The Legal rights: According to Hindu Marriage Act, a husband cannot remarry without divorcing his first wife. In case you are a victim of such a situation then seek help from a lawyer who can help in categorizing your husband's second marriage as illegal.

3.Take evidence: In case your husband abuses you in private, it may be a good idea to collect some evidence before you report the matter. Try to record his torture on the phone before you go the police. The evidence will help your case.

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