8 differences between raising a girl and a boy

8 differences between raising a girl and a boy

Raising either of them has their own perks, from playing dress up with your little doll to being on the football field and playing with your son, all are enjoyed by parent

We can undoubtedly say that babies are the best thing that could every happen to any parent. Whether it is a boy or a girl, parents are always very excited as well as nervous about raising their child, particularly if it's their first. However, there are a few differences between raising a boy and a girl that parents should be aware of.

Raising either of them has their own perks, from playing dress up with your little doll to being on the football field and playing with your son, all are enjoyed by parent!

Here are a few differences between raising a girl and a boy for you.

#1 Talking

According to studies, Girls start talking much earlier than boys. This leaves the parents worried about the baby boy’s growth. This may hamper the development of the child and put him behind.

Tip: So it is important that every parent talks to their baby boy more and keep repeating words in order to encourage the baby boy to talk sooner. Communicating with the baby boy in regular intervals will definitely help him learn and talk faster.

#2 Emotional Sensitivity

Even though girls are known for their kindness and sensitivity, every parent should always remember that boys are equally sensitive but they are unable to express it. A girl will easily come and tell you about her problems and emotions, whereas a boy would bottle them up.

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Tip: Therefore it is important for all parents to have small conversations with their boy to know and understand more about his life. Also, parents should encourage their child to express freely without any hesitation or a sense of inferiority.

#3 Physical Activity

One will always notice boys being more physically active and playful on the playgrounds or parks. Girls however are less physically active than boys. Girls would prefer to sit at home and play with their toys rather than being on the playground. This could hamper their growth and make them lazy.

Tip: Encourage your baby girls to go out and play with others. Enrol them in any sport to ensure the increase in their physical activity levels.

#4 Aggressive Behaviour

Most often we hear complaints about boys fighting with each other and getting hurt physically on the playgrounds or schools. On the other hand, girls are more calm and composed. Girls would usually never get into a fight and make friends with everyone.

Tip: Teach your baby boy the ill effects of aggression. Show him through your actions that how easy it is to calm yourself down in crucial situations. After all, actions speak louder than words, your child will follow and learn from you!

#5 Mathematical Skills

 Most girls do not like mathematical subjects. They refrain from them and would usually want to opt for other subjects. Therefore, we hear that boys succeed in the field of mathematics. In today’s day and age, it is important for girls to be independent and thus is important to increase her inclination towards math right from her infant years.

Tip: Parents should get puzzles, mathematical blocks and cubes for their baby girl in her earlier years to help her develop liking towards the subject and get better at it.

#6 Social Behaviour 

Girls tend to have better social skills than boys. Girls make friends sooner, whereas boys are a little shy to open up in front of other new people. It is important for boys to develop better social skills, in order to grow as a person in the different walks of life.

Tip: Encourage your child to make new friends and mingle around with new people right from his baby years. This will help him to develop good social skills right from his baby years.

#7 Free will

Boys are fearless and completely free willed. They hesitate less to take new risks and go out for new adventures. Girls on the other hand are much more timid than boys. They fear to take on new adventures and discover new avenues of life.

Tip: Teach your daughter to be brave and fearless right from the beginning. Tell her that it is good take new risks and try new adventures in order to excel in life. When you teach her to be free willed from her baby years, she will become confident and brave for life!

#8 Potty Training

In a study by the Wisconsin Medical College in 2002, research indicated that girls learn to potty train faster than boys. So all you parents out there, trying to train your little baby boy to potty train, it is better late than never right? Sooner or later your baby boy will be a complete pro at potty training!

Tip: Do not get too stressed if your baby boy takes a little long to learn to potty train. Remember, these golden years of raising your child will never come back, enjoy it to the fullest!

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Written by

Sakshi Sem

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