Diapering essentials for new parents

Diapering essentials for new parents

Ace the diapering game with these useful tips from mum, Avantika.

Are you struggling with diapering your newborn? End the diapering disasters with these useful tips from a not-so-new mum, Avantika. Having been there, done that, she shares how to diaper your little one with ease as well as what diapering essentials to carry when you step out with your baby. Take a look.

Surviving your baby’s diaper years can be made easy if you follow these simple tips. 

Diapering essentials to carry: Basics

Whether you are at home or outside, make sure that you have gathered all the diapering essentials that you will need. Once you start changing the diaper, you cannot leave your baby unattended. So, you cannot leave the spot to fetch any missing essentials.

diapering essentials to carry

Mum Avantika talks about diapering essentials to carry when you go out with your baby or even if you’re at home | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Keep all your diapering essentials within your reach. Here’s what you will need.

A list of diapering essentials to carry with you or have when you are at home

  • Changing mat
  • Clean and soft diapers. Huggies diapers are known to be the softest diapers. So, you can go for Huggies and choose a size that suits your baby. They also have a size that fits just-borns.
  • Baby wipes
  • Disposable bag for soiled diapers and wipes
  • Diaper cream. 

After you have these, spread them out at a reachable distance, but out of your baby’s reach. You can then start actually changing the diaper.

Diapering essentials to carry: Change The Diaper In 5 Easy Steps

diapering essentials to carry

Diapering essentials to carry when you step out or have at home | | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

  1. Position the baby on the mat in a way that you can change the diaper comfortably. 
  2. Remove the soiled diaper.
  3. Clean your baby’s bottom with baby wipes.
  4. Apply diaper cream on the diaper area to avoid infections and rashes. 
  5. Put on the fresh diaper and secure properly.

With practice, you can become a real pro at diapering your baby. Watch the full video above to know how exactly you can go about changing your baby’s diapers. 

Click here for more information on buying right diapers for your baby or visit the Huggies website.

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Prutha Soman

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