Horror in Delhi: Class I student kidnapped by goons from school bus in broad daylight

Horror in Delhi: Class I student kidnapped by goons from school bus in broad daylight

A nursery student of Vivekanand School was abducted by goons in the most bizarre and filmy manner, leaving parents across the city horrified. Read on.

In an incident that has sent shock waves across the National Capital, a Class I student was reportedly abducted by goons in broad daylight.

The abduction took place at Dilshad Garden in New Delhi.

Coming in just two days before Republic Day, this news has raised serious questions about the city's security arrangements. But more importantly, it has once again highlighted the lack of children's safety, even in the confines of their school bus.

Child abducted by goons from school bus

Two armed men on a black bike intercepted the Vivekanand School bus between 7.40 am and 8.00 am.

They stopped in front of it near the IBHAS hospital at the Dilshad Garden area. This forced the driver to come to a halt. As soon as the bus stopped, they entered the bus, shot the driver, dragged the Class I student out and ran off with him.

The bus from which the child was abducted by goons reportedly also had 25 other students. Reportedly the student abducted by goons might have been known to them. Alternatively, a case of deliberate abduction and ransom is not being ruled out.

The police suspects the kidnappers knew the child and came into the bus only for him.

Another terrifying incident against children in Gurugram!

This incident also comes close on heels of another crime against children in Gurugram. Here, members of the Karni Sena group reportedly thrashed a GD Goenka School's bus, with kids inside of it. Their explanation was that they were protesting against the movie Pamaavat.

A video of the incident has now gone viral. You can see kids crying as the teachers try to protect them.

And, needless to say it has terrified parents across the country.

As soon as we came out of the school the bus was attacked. Even the police could not control them. The children somehow took cover inside the bus," a school staff told ANI.

This has prompted other schools to shut down for a bit and stop their bus services as well. "Meanwhile, schools in Gurugram, including Pathways school, GD Goenka School, Shiv Nadar School and Delhi Public School, will remain closed till Sunday after yesterday's attack on a school bus," reported the daily.

Both these cases once again bring to the fore the safety issues pertaining to kids. However, since both the cases occurred outside the protective purview of the parents, it highlights the importance of teaching kids how to keep safe.

How to teach your kids about safety?

1. Ask them to memorise your phone number

As mentioned in our previous article, if your child is old enough to understand, ask him to memorise your phone number. If you have a landline, make sure he knows about that as well.

2.  Help them know their area of residence

While it is important for your child to remember your house address, also make sure that he knows of a few landmarks around the area you live in.

This is important so that if your child somehow forgets the home address he would actually remember the landmarks.

3. Listen to your child, carefully

If your child is explaining an unusual incident, hear him out. He might be trying to indicate presence of a negative actor or a potential abductor.

This way they also learn to share things with you and abstain from keeping secrets.

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