OMG! Delhi woman shot dead in front of 2-year-old son, husband faked attack to get back to ex-wife

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Priya Mehra had her  two-year-old son in her lap when she was shot

In a shocking murder news coming from Delhi, a man killed his own wife in front of her two-year-old son and what's more, he faked the whole incident. The Delhi-based man is the owner of a restaurant and has been arrested.

What happened...

It is alleged that husband shot his wife himself while they were in a car in Delhi's Rohini area. What is extremely shocking is that the deceased, Priya Mehra had her two-year-old son in her lap when she was shot.

OMG! Delhi woman shot dead in front of 2-year-old son, husband faked attack to get back to ex-wife

While the baby was able to come out of the incident unhurt, the woman's husband claimed that their car was intercepted by 3-4 men who killed his wife.

However, when the husband Pankaj Mehra was questioned he admitted that the entire incident was his own doing. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Milind Dumbere told the media that the husband Pankaj revealed that there was no second car during the incident. He himself shot his wife dead and tried to blame the money lender.

The 34-year-old businessman was running into debts and had 40-lakhs debt over him. As his business was struggling the money lender was threatening him.

The Ex-wife angle

There are also reports that the accused was already married to another woman and did not get along well with his first wife Priya. Priya and Pankaj were married 11 years ago. There are still no details no Pankaj's second wife and the family members have revealed that there were problems between the couple.

The couple had tried to patch up because of their little baby who just celebrated his second birthday.

Pankaj had tried to fake this whole attack, as according to his plan, the money lender would get arrested and he would escape paying back the 40 lakhs he owed him.

However, his master plan was foiled and he buckled down when interrogated by the police.

The incident highlights the extreme apathy that the husband showed towards his wife and how he killed her to use her as a pawn to escape his own debt.

An alarming rise in such incidents in the recent past, presses upon the fact that more stringent measures must be needed by law to deter spouses from such extreme action.

Also, in a country such as India, couples often bear the burden of carrying on a relationship that may not be working as going to a counsellor is seen as taboo.

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