India'a Shame! Delhi High Court lawyer physically abuses wife and daughter. The REASON will shock you

India'a Shame! Delhi High Court lawyer physically abuses wife and daughter. The REASON will shock you

The video was shot by his other daughter so that she could gather some evidence about her abusive father and submit it to the police.

This is a story that would send chills down your spine, but more than the video, the reason for the heinous crime would leave you numb.

A video is breaking the internet today, which shows a Delhi High court lawyer physically abusing his wife and daughter. The poor women are seen crying and wailing in the video. While it is indeed a shocking act, the reason for this brutal behaviour would leave you stunned.

The HC lawyer has two daughters and this was the reason why he used to severely beat his wife, and even daughters sometimes, every other day. He would often curse his wife to have given him two daughters and not a son. His mother would also not spare her daughter-in-law and would taunt her for giving birth to daughters.

All for a son!

The one-minute video, the lawyer is seen hitting his daughter mercilessly till she falls on the floor. But that doesn't stop him as he then drags her and keeps raining blows.

The family belongs to the posh Vasant Kunj area of Delhi, which is known as the hub of the elite. But what's shocking is that such rich families are still stuck in the medieval area and believe in rules that hold no meaning today.

"I have been living in this abusive marriage for the last 15 years and have been tolerating this, but now he has started hitting my daughters as well. We made this video to gather proof against him as he is a very high-flying lawyer and has great contacts," said the wife to the media.

The daughter also mentions that both her father and grand mother would abuse them and hit them every day for being girls and not sons.

Both the siblings study at a private school in south Delhi. Their mother has complained to the women's cell of the police.

Please be cautious before watching this video as the contents are disturbing:

Signs your partner doesn't respect you

While the wife in the above case took 15 years to realise that she was in an unhappy marriage, there are some signs that every woman must watch out for if she feels that her partner does not love her:

  • Your husband is always angry: No matter how big or small the issue is, the quarrelling never stops points at deep-set frustration or anger.
  • There is physical abuse: Besides abusing you emotionally, your partner also indulges in domestic abuse, it's a sign that your husband does not care for you or your feelings.
  • He humiliates you publicly: Your partner is constantly demeaning you in front of others and waits for opportunities to make fun of you and mock you publicly.

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[Video and grab courtesy: YouTube]
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