Shocking! 3-year-old dies after kite thread slits throat as she looked out of the sunroof of her car!

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Sanchi was looking out of the sunroof and perhaps watching a kite pass by when the manjha of that very kite slit her throat.

Kite flying is a common activity during Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan, especially in Delhi and other parts of North India. Almost everyone looks forward to it, but the ones who are most excited are the kids.

However, the kite string known as manjha in Hindi, is not as harmless as the kite it carries and can sometimes lead to fatal accidents. This is what happened on the fateful morning of August 15 when the joy of freedom turned into mourning for the Goyal family of Rani Bagh in Delhi.

What happened that fateful morning

Their 3-year-old girl Sanchi was just looking out of the sunroof and perhaps watching a kite pass by when the manjha of that very kite slit her throat. Sanchi was having the time of her life in her family's Honda City car and even her folks thought that she was screaming out of excitement.

As she was jumping with joy sitting on her mother's lap and looked out of the sunroof, her parents didn't even check on her as they thought she was really happy. However, to their horror Sanchi suddenly fell back on her mother's lap with lots of blood coming out of her throat with the manjha stuck in the slit.

While police have registered a case of negligence against the people who were flying the kite, the family has called for a complete ban on the lethal kite thread. Similar accidents have been reported in the past and kite threads have lead to many deaths particularly in Delhi.

Warning for parents


While parents should definitely be extremely careful when their kids are playing with kites and kite threads, this incident also points out at the safety risks associated with sunroofs.

Kids standing at the front seat and looking out of the sunroof has become a dangerous trend especially in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. With half their bodies jutting out of the window, it can be a risky situation for them in case of an accident or an unforeseen incident like the one that happened with Sanchi.

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