Deepika Singh's post-pregnancy transformation will STUN you!

Deepika Singh's post-pregnancy transformation will STUN you!

Deepika Singh's post-pregnancy transformation video also reveals the secret to her fit body and svelte figure, seven months after she gave birth to baby boy Soham.

Now that Diya Aur Bati Hum's Sandhya beendni aka Deepika Singh has to start shooting for the next season of her popular show, she is making sure that she is in the best of shape before she starts shooting. And, Deepika Singh's post-pregnancy transformation will make you go wow!

Yes, that's right! Two months before she starts schedule, she is already looking so good. Sharing her post-pregnancy transformation picture with her followers on Instagram, Deepika shared that she was so happy to be getting close to her goal.

Deepika Singh's post-pregnancy transformation

She captioned the pic with the hashtags #happywearingoldclothes , #somewheregettinglean and #bodytransformation.


The actress also gave a glimpse of her workout routine to her fans through a video that was taken by her trainer, which clearly reveals the secret behind Deepika Singh's post-pregnancy transformation.

A mix of core-strength training exercises and yoga postures, Deepika's trainer Shalini Singh has made sure that the actress gets back to shape before she starts shooting next year.


Not so long ago, Deepika had revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression and low self-esteem and it was her regular workout and Odissi dance practice that helped her get out it.

“Everything comes back “ that my Guruji #sanatanchakarvarty told me during my postpartum days when I was suffering from low energy levels, sore back, low self-esteem, furious about how to take care of baby and myself, how to be regular for a workout. But this line gave me a huge motivation, maybe to you as well," she wrote for her fans.

For those how don't know, Deepika is a trained Odissi dancer and keeps posting her Odissi videos on social media. Here's one of her videos where she's seen practising the ancient Indian dance form.

Deepika says that she used to practice Odissi every morning before her pregnancy and she plans to get back to that routine once again.


Losing all the baby weight

Losing all the post-pregnancy baby weight can be a big task, especially when you have a baby to look after. However, new mums should remember that the focus should be gradual weight loss and not be in a hurry to lose the flab.

Here are a few tips that helped me lose my post-pregnancy weight that might help you too!

1. Do not be in a hurry to lose weight. Accept your body, in fact, be in love with it. Embrace and nurture it as this the very same body that gave you the best thing in your life.

2. Take small steps at a time. Start with a 15-minute exercise schedule and be regular with it. If you feel that you can do more, gradually add in five minutes every week.

3. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine after pregnancy,especially if you've had a C-Section or any complications during delivery.

4. While exercise is important, do not forget that deit plays a crucial role in weight loss. Sis months after your delivery slowly cut down on all the high-fatty foods loaded with ghee and sugar and switch to low-cal options.

If you're a lactating mum, consult your doctor to make sure you do not miss out on the key nutrients while controlling your diet.

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[Images courtesy: Instagram]
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