Deepika Padukone's simple, traditional avatar at best friend's wedding is too CUTE to miss!

Deepika Padukone's simple, traditional avatar at best friend's wedding is too CUTE to miss!

Deepika Padukone put her work on hold to attend her best friend's wedding.

You could miss anyone’s wedding, but your best friend would always be an exception. That is one wedding you wouldn’t want to miss, at any cost, right? Even Deepika Padukone thinks so!

Our dear Deepika Padukone against all odds, made sure she attended her childhood best friend’s wedding. Amidst the Padmavati controversy where rewards have been declared to behead Deepika and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika, donned a classic South Indian look during her best friend’s wedding.


then,now & forever…❤️ @aditya__narayan @divya4488

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Aditya Narayan got hitched with Divya and best friend Deepika surely made the ritual a starry affair. Deepika posted a cute collage of her childhood pics with Aditya.


forever friends…❤️ @aditya__narayan

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Styled by Shaleen Nathani, Deepika rocked in her red silk saree and traditional gold jewelry. She was candid during the wedding and made sure she interacted with all family and friends.


Aditya is a designer at FORD motors, while Divya is a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group. They both complimented each other very well, and we wish them a very happy married life.


Deepika Padukone's simple, traditional avatar at best friend's wedding is too CUTE to miss!

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During life’s roller coaster ride, sometimes due to situations we are not able to be there for people closest to us, and after becoming a parent, the challenge becomes even more real. But childhood friends always maintain a close space in the heart.

5 Tips to maintain childhood friendship:

1) Listen- Your friend must be going through a lot, but will try and not share thinking you are burdened as well. Always give a benefit of doubt and listen to them keenly. As we grow up, we forget to listen to our best friends, especially their advices.

2) Trust The truth is, if your friendship has survived so many years or decades, there is a reason to it. Trust them and their intentions, even if they say something that doesn’t work well for you.

3) Be honest- You may be horribly pissed with your friend but being honest with your friend is very important. Good or bad, you shape your friend’s personality and growth, and vice versa. A good peer, will always say the truth no matter what.

4) Help- A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Many times we have seen our best buddies have been more helpful than blood relations. Any relationship is maintained only when it is both sided. Help your friend whenever he/she needs it, and never feel shy of asking for help as well. Helping strengthens ownership to the friendship.

5) Talk- Most of the times we end up chatting due to our busy schedules and digital world. Try and make sure you meet face-to-face and talk with your friend once in a while. If your bestie is not in the same city or country, use video calling. The value of looking at expressions and emotions while talking, cannot be replaced ever.

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