Decongest your newborn's stuffy nose with these 10 super simple steps

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Follow these easy steps to decongest your newborn's stuffy nose, which may hinder her nursing routine

Babies under four months breath through their nose and when they get congested, it can be hard for them to nurse. Here are some ways to help your baby relieve stuffed nose.

What you need: You will need some saline nose drops or salt and water, a rubber bulb syringe, a warm and damp wash cloth, a steamy bathroom, a cool mist humidifier and several rolled up towels. You can also keep some petroleum jelly, a warm bath and some baby scneted menthol-based bath products.

Step #1 Cradle your baby in the crook of your arm or lay her down on a changing table or some other safe spot.

Step #2 Gently tip her head back and squeeze a few saline drops into her nose. Wait a minute or two to let the mucus clogging the nose release a bit. You can make your own saline drops by mixing a teaspoon of salt in a warm cup of water. However, you must never use medicated drops because they are extremely harsh for your newborn.

Step #3 Gently squeeze out the mucus using the squeeze bulb flat into her nostrils. Sometimes the babies release the goop or mucus on their own by sneezing it out, just gently wipe it away. No bulb syringe necessary in this case!

Step #4 Use the wash cloth to wipe away any nose drops that may come out of the nose onto the face as well as any mucus that comes out through the syringe.

Step #5 If the skin around your baby's nose looks red and irritated, apply some petroleum jelly. If your baby is having trouble nursing because she is so congested, use the saline drops or the syringe 15 minutes before its time for food.

Step #6 Your baby may also benefit immensely from steam. Sit with her in the bathroom with the shower running full blown and the door closed for about 15 minutes. The bathroom will become a soothing sauna room. Giving your baby a warm bath with menthol-scented bath products may also help relieve her stuffy nose.

Step #7 At bath time and bedtime keep a warm humidifier next to her to keep the air moist.

Step #8 To help her ease congestion, simply place some rolled up towels underneath her crib mattress on the side of her head. Avoid tilting the bed all together.

Step #9 Increase the amount of fluid in your newborn's daily routine. Try to breastfeed or bottlefeed her more often than usual.

Step #10 Keep an eye on your baby throughout the day to notice warning signs that she may have something more than just a stuffy nose. Be on the look out for fever, no interest in eating or lethargy, especially if she is just under three months.

Take a look at this video to understand how its done:

Don't forget to keep feeding her on time, keeping her nose clean and giving her lots of cuddles should do the job.

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