Deaf girl receives a magical surprise on her Disney World visit

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Three years ago, Shaylee Mansfield was amazed to see that her favorite Disney characters could sign. Now, she returns for another magical surprise!

For many deaf people, daily life can be challenging. Not everyone they meet is capable of communicating through sign language. For young Shaylee Mansfield, communicating in her local community is relatively easy. She’s lucky enough to be surrounded by signers at home, and even at her school!

Anyone who knows Shaylee can tell you that she’s far from shy. That’s why it’s so special for her whenever she’s surrounded by those who can sign.

While it’s easy for her to chat with people in her local community, going on trips and vacations is always a struggle. There just aren’t that many people that can understand or speak sign language.

When Shaylee learned that she would be going on a trip to Disney World a few years ago, she was as excited as any little girl her age would be. She’d finally get the chance to hang out with her favorite Disney characters! Though, she probably was under the impression that this trip would be like any other and that she wouldn’t get a chance to really connect with anyone.

That’s why she was amazed to see her favorite Disney characters communicating with her in sign language!

Here are some highlights from Shaylee’s first trip to Disney World:

Shaylee Mansfield 2

Tinkerbell introduces herself to Shaylee as “T-I-N-K”.

Shaylee was in shock to see Tinkerbell communicate though sign language!

Shaylee was in shock to see Tinkerbell communicate though sign language!

Three years later, Disney Parks brought Shaylee and her family back to Disney World to experience more of the magic she felt when she originally visited. To her surprise, on her trip this past March, even more of her favorite Disney characters were able to sign!

Shaylee and Minnie Mouse share a magical moment

Shaylee and Minnie Mouse share a magical moment

Shaylee had to admit, she was excited to see that more of Disney characters were making an effort to reach out to the deaf community. She even congratulated Minnie Mouse on her signing efforts:

Shaylee Mansfield 3

Shaylee and her dad praise Minnie for her ability to sign.

Disney World is a magical place, and that goes for everyone! It’s heartwarming to know that Shaylee and other deaf children can go vacation and feel the same love and support that they do in their local communities.

You can watch the charming and magical video below:

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