Dead foetus removed from 4-year-old boy's body in West Bengal

Dead foetus removed from 4-year-old boy's body in West Bengal

The boy complained of acute stomach ache, which prompted the doctors to go for a CT scan only to find a dead foetus

dead foetus

The boy suffered from a rare condition called foetus in foetu

When parents of a four-year-old boy took him to a doctor for the otherwise innocuous stomach ache, little did they know that they will be in for a shock.

The doctors told the couple from West Bengal that the boy had a dead foetus inside his stomach, which was the cause of the acute pain he was suffering from. The doctors had initially suspected it to be a tumour but the CT scans revealed otherwise.

The experts refer to the condition as foetus in foetu, a rare condition which affects one in every 6 lakh live births. If a woman is pregnant with twins, during the early stages, one of the foetus can enter the other through the umbilical cord. The abnormal foetus acts as a parasite to the normal foetus, hampering its growth.

Dr Shirshendu Giri, who performed the surgery to remove the dead foetus from the boy’s body told IBN Live: ‘The dead embryo, which had hands, legs, nails and a partially formed head, was removed from the child’s body after a long operation. The little boy is out of danger now.

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