Are you sure that your crèche is safe for your kid?

Are you sure that your crèche is safe for your kid?

Are you sure that the creche your kid goes to is the best one for him? Here is a checklist to ensure that it is!

When I was growing up, my mum could go to the office without worry as my grandmother was there to take care of us. I am sure many of us grew up in this way. However, not every mum is fortunate enough to have someone within the family to take care of the kids. Most of them have to send the kids to a creche, or a daycare centre.

I can imagine your apprehension if you are one such mum. Luckily, many companies in India have started offering daycare facilities. That way, the kid is always close to his mum or dad, and you can relax a bit. Kids spend a better part of the day at a creche. Naturally, a good part of their development is going to happen there.

(Image courtesy: The Hindu)

(Image courtesy: The Hindu)

However, if your workplace lacks a daycare centre, how do you make sure that it is a safe place? How do you ensure that your kid will develop as good as he would have if you were taking care of him?

Here are three aspects you should look into when you select a creche for your kid.

1# Safety of the daycare centre

This is the first and foremost concern of any parent. You need to be sure that your kid will not be injured physically or mentally in any way. He should not accidentally eat something he is not supposed to eat, or run out of the door unsupervised. You need to ensure that there are enough caregivers for the creche.

2# Security of the daycare centre

Is there a proper monitoring of activities of who is coming and going? No one should be able to walk away with your kid while you are at work. This is a very valid concern and you need to think about that. You need to check if they have an emergency evacuation plan, in case the building catches fire.

3# Good environment for your kid to grow

Beyond safety and security, your kid should have a good environment to learn,  interact with other kids and grow! These are his formative years and you should be careful that he does not pick up unwanted traits.

You need to check if the caregiver has been educated in taking care of the children of your kid’s age. This is not very common in India, but things are catching up. Speak to the caregivers and let your instinct guide you.

For your convenience, here is a checklist for you.

Read on for the checklist


  • Are the children supervised at all times?
  • Do they have dedicated, friendly  and trained caregivers?
  • Is your child watching minimal to no TV?
  • What is their policy for caring for ill children?
  • Does the facility have safe sleep and play environments?
  • Are the toys clean and in good condition with no sharp edges?
  • Is the diapering area separate from children’s play areas
  • Is your kid’s lunch refrigerated?
  • Are the cleaning supplies and other toxic materials kept away safely?
  • Is there an easily accessible first-aid kit and posted emergency numbers?
  • Are the electrical outlets covered with protective caps?
  • Do they have security gates at top and bottom of stairs?
  • Do they have mock fire drills?
(Image courtesy:

(Image courtesy:

Nothing is going to be more important in life than the growth and development of your kid. If you are looking for a creche, follow the checklist. If you are already using one, check it out once again!

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