Two mothers complain that their kids' eyebrows were waxed by daycare staffers

Two mothers complain that their kids' eyebrows were waxed by daycare staffers

Two Washington-based mums shared their daycare problems on Facebook and that led to a state investigation against the centre. Read on to know what the staffers did.

Two young U.S. mums Alyssa Salgado and Glenda Maria Cruz are claiming that their kids faced some peculiar daycare problems.

Their little ones attended local daycare. But one day, to the mums' surprise, they found out that staffers were waxing their kids' eyebrows without their permission.

The 19-year-old Salgado revealed that when she took her daughter home she reportedly noticed a red mark between her daughter's eyebrows. At first she thought it was a scratch. But upon close inspection she found that the little girl's eyebrow hairs were missing.

She immediately contacted the director of the daycare that is run by Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties. To her surprise, instead of sympathy, she received laughs and some excuses by the director.

Daycare problems: Mothers up in arms against the staffers

That's when Salgado decided to share her daughter's ordeal on Facebook. She even shared before-and-after pictures to make her point along with an emotional post.

“These women decided to wax my daughter’s uni-brow,” she wrote.

“Nothing like this should ever happen they had no right to touch my daughter at all...I birthed my daughter and love every little thing about her and these so called women took it upon themselves to correct the way my daughter should look," Salgado wrote.

Salgado's post created a social media uproar, with mothers criticising the daycare and even complaining to local authorities.

One Facebook user, Kareana Pettit, wrote, "You have every right to be angry at this woman. I'd seek legal advice especially since you're not the only one." 

Another user, Brenda Pearce-Workman, wrote, "You didn’t fail as a mom. You are doing everything right! They had no business or right to do that to your daughter! This is totally out of line on their part. They should get punishment somehow! Not to mention them making her feel that she has to do that to be beautiful! She’s beautiful just the way she is! Shame, shame, shame on them!!!"

Incidentally, just days after Salgado shared her daycare problems, another mum came out and shared the same story.

Another mum shares the same daycare problems!

Glenda Maria Cruz shared her story on her Facebook page and revealed that her one-year-old son went through the same experience. The staffers thought it better to shave his eyebrows as well.

She began with, “Today my life changed, I never thought something like these would or could happen to my son."

“I know a lot of you are going to say this not a big deal but honestly for me it is because their skin is really delicate and no lady has the right to do this to any kid,” Cruz added.

Cruz also received a huge amount of support from fellow mums. One user BiBi Palomino even wrote, "That is super dangerous, as a stylist I can't explain how dangerous this is and you have every right to be mad, wax can burn the skin and if not used properly can accidentally drip in other parts of the face like the eyes the mouth etc. I hope you can do something about this !!"

As a result of their complaints, the Columbia Basin College (CBC) where the daycare is run issued a public statement and even reassured parents that they will undertake a thorough investigation.

"The Boys and Girls Club, Pasco School District, and Columbia Basin College take these allegations seriously and will work together to support the investigation process," they wrote.

This news has once again brought back the debate of 'how to select the best daycare for your child.' While most daycare centres look professional from the outside, a parent can never know what goes on the inside.

So here's a quick guide on how you can select the best daycare for you kid.

Here's how to say 'Goodbye' to daycare problems by selecting the best

  • Look down at the floors. Yes, that is correct. When you visit a potential daycare for your kid, look down at the floor. See how the staffers interact with the children. Are they sitting on the floor with other children or sitting afar and shouting instructions? This says a lot about the approach of a daycare centre. Plus, in his early childhood years, your kid needs close attention and interaction. And that can only come with physical interaction. The American Academy of Pediatrics  (AAP) recommends that every daycare must have a ratio of one adult for every three babies. This should be the case up to 24 months of age.
  • Conduct a policy check. Find out if the daycare shares your philosophies and ideologies on discipline, learning, napping and feeding. Ask them about their sick-child policy. Pay attention to how they take care of a child who feels unwell. You should also ask them how they plan to take care of the children in case one of the caretakers is on leave.
  • Drop by unannounced. Yes, you can do that. This is a good way to check how your kid is being taken care of. You can check if the daycare is childproofed and safe. Take a close look at how the staffers keep the rooms divided, including the napping areas, the play areas as well as the feeding areas. Sometimes a surprise visit can be reassuring and help you make the right decision.
  • Solve problems immediately. There are chances that you might have a small tiff about idealogical differences with the staffer. So address them immediately. As a parent, you have the final word in your home. But you may have to cooperate with the teacher when your child is at daycare. Consult with the staffers and come to a possible solution for your child's benefit. For instance, you may think 12 pm is a good time for your child's nap, but the staffer feels post-lunch is better. So ask them how they plan to go about it and share your own ideas as well.
  • Trust yourself. Every parent knows what's best for their child and sometimes you just need to trust your gut. If you feel your child is coming back home unwell or unhappy, then find out more about it immediately. You can always make the switch and enroll your kid in a better place. So be open to change and always try to be aware and well-informed. Keep a close tab on the workings of the daycare, and better yet, maintain close connections with the management. This will help you avoid and solve any daycare problems.

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