Dating Your Spouse

Dating Your Spouse

If the romance in your relationship is fading away, bring it back by dating your spouse.

candle light dinnerOnce a couple is married and the children come along, it is quite easy for the romance to just... disappear. As the responsibilities grow, sometimes it is difficult to find time for even yourself. How do you then find time for your spouse?

This is a question that regales many of us. However, if you want your relationship to be strong in every sense, it is very important to keep your romance alive and kicking.

One way you can do this is by going on a date with your spouse every now and then. Set a place and a time, or better still, be spontaneous and surprise your spouse. You can leave the children in the care of grandparents or friends and go out.

The whole idea of going on a date is to be together. Take the opportunity to reconnect with your beloved. Reiterate your love for your spouse. Hold hands, touch, kiss and reminisce about your courtship period. Revisit the places you used to frequent.

Do whatever works for you – it could be a romantic stroll in the park, a cozy dinner or you could even lose your car keys and go for a ride on a motorbike! The idea is to have fun doing things together, like you used to do earlier. Be silly, be foolish, be funny – just let go of the daily humdrum and be yourself. Enjoy your time with your partner. You won’t even realize that you are actually creating memories that the two of you will cherish throughout your life.

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