Your daily horoscope: Tuesday, October 17th

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Famous Astrologer Manisha Koushik tells you what the day has in store for you.


There are more ways than one to influence the outcome of something that you need, be patient. Be sensible of the risks while investing. 

be careful with details at the workplace to avoid any mistakes. An old ailment may crop up, be prepared. Work on your weaknesses on the academic front.


Think of ways to lessen the work that has piled up on your shoulders.  Be in full picture of an ongoing project at work to gauge the progress. 

Those looking for a career change might get the chance they were waiting for. It's time to tighten your purse strings. Your parents or a family member may nag you over an issue.


Bliss would be maintained in your life due to the peace and harmony at work and home. Your resolve in not involving yourself in somebody else’s life will help uplift you from your baser instincts.

Reciprocate your partner's moves. You would catch up on projects at work. The day seems favourable for academic pursuits.


It would be tough to win someone over, whom you have offended. Keep the deadlines in mind if you want to complete projects in time.

A shopping trip with family may burn a hole in your pocket. Those studying will need to burn the midnight oil on the academic front to perform well.


Something initiated now is certain to have far-reaching consequences. Don’t bulldoze your way in a discussion, as it can lead to needless arguments. A secret longing for someone or something can make you restless today.

Good news is in the offing on the academic front. Speculators and those involved in the share market may find the day promising. Don’t play with your health by eating wrong.


It is better to learn the ropes fast on the professional front, if you want to get established. Share what is in your heart with partner to unburden yourself.

You are likely to remain positive on the academic front, despite encountering a few reverses. A weak moment may find you needlessly splurging and wasting your money on people who are not even your friends!


Hidden qualities of someone you thought was stupid may impress you and help change your opinion. Renovation or resetting the home is on the cards, but may become a prolonged affair. 

At work, your way with words and persuasive powers are likely to impress higher-ups. The one you secretly admire is likely to give some positive indications, so be quick and cash in on it!


A spat with partner is best avoided, as it can strain the relationship. There is a good chance of bumping into someone today, whom you had known previously.

Don't delay whatever has been assigned to you at work. An important exam may keep your nose to the grindstone on the academic front. Don’t repose too much faith on others in money matters, as you can get swindled.


This is the right time to get things in order at work, but something you plan to do may meet with stiff resistance, so find out a via media.

On the academic front, you will not disappoint those who have high expectations from you. Those spiritually inclined are likely to enjoy inner peace and tranquillity. Hobbies will help keep some totally involved and entertained today.


It is time you took steps to strengthen your family ties by remaining in touch. An opportunity to undo a mistake committed in the past may present itself, so take your call.

Selling a piece of property is likely to make you financially well off. You will manage to deal with professional issues competently. Express your feelings for someone you care about to take romance to the next level.


Assess all aspects before you take up a job to avoid getting hassled at a later date. Someone’s support and backing will help improve your prospects on the academic front.

A good investment opportunity is just round the corner, so be ready. Getting leave will not pose any problem for those planning on a vacation. Despite repeated reminders, you may find it difficult to get your money back.



Be aware of what the present situation in your personal sphere is leading to and act accordingly. Your keenness to do something for a social cause will be much appreciated.

Making all out efforts on the academic front will bear fruit. You will get the capital you need for a pet project on the business front. Partner appears in a romantic mood today, so rejoice!