Your daily horoscope: Thursday, October 26th

See what the day has in store for you!



Your actions might rebound on your so be careful of your plans against your enemies.  At work, a promotion or some kind of recognition is in the pipeline.

Do not take a barter in place of a monetary transaction, so remain on solid ground by demanding cash. You may be called upon to organise something that you have never done before, so do your best.


Mutual respect and understanding will take your love to a new level. Some of you might land the job of your dreams. The health of someone close will improve considerably.

Someone who is like-minded and interested in you would impress you. Love would blossom in your life. A trip with family is likely to prove most enjoyable today.


Gear up for changed circumstances is indicated, so become more adaptable. A special family event will call for celebrations. A little gift from a loved one would lighten up your day.

You are likely to get your money’s worth in a transaction. A professional problem will get resolved, saving you from the worst. Those in love will find time for each other today.


Don't whine about things; they are not be as bad as you make them out to be. Get things sorted at work, once and for all, to avoid any issues in the future.

Professional worries will disapear, if you devote your time and focus to it. A sale of property promises excellent returns. Acquisition of a vehicle or some expensive item is in the pipeline for some.


A chance meeting with someone from the opposite gender might bloom into a long-term romance. Your changed attitude is likely to benefit you on the social front and will help boost your image.

There is little you can do about a stand taken by someone you have cordial relations with; best is to wait and watch. You will get all the support you need on the academic front.


Be careful of lavish spendings, as it is likely to deplete your savings. Judge a situation before committing yourself to it. Options on the academic front may become limited, so act now.

Seeking the best in a situation you find yourself in will take you places. This is the time to set the norms that you want others to follow.


Find time for loved ones today, as they want your company. You may take steps to expand your social circle. Things move in a positive direction on the academic front.

Your reputation as an expert in your field will give you an edge in your market. Those travelling abroad are assured of a memorable experience. Your inherent talents will be much in evidence today.


Spending some days with a dear one may prove enjoyable and allow you to let your hair down. Take health advise from health-conscious people.

Make sure your instructions are clear  to avoid mistakes. A balanced approach is needed on the academic front for success. Today, you can be called upon to spend extra time in completing something important.



Be careful of mindless spending, as you might overshoot your budget. If long working hours leave little time for the family, make up for it. Adopt a healthy diet to remain energetic.

This is the day when you stand to gain. A legal matter that you are involved in may get decided in your favour. Academic options seem limited, but you are likely to get your choice.



Pondering over something that has been said or done to you in the past is clearly a waste of time. Get over it!

On the academic front, you may play someone’s mentor and guide him or her to success. An ex-flame can give you sleepless nights. Health remains satisfactory.


A new experience is likely to be an eye-opener and would give you an altogether different perspective. You might plan a get together with people you like.

Hold your nerve on the academic front, as things might go a little haywire. The indifference of partner may prove hurtful, so find out the reason. Don't overrule your senior at work.


Problem-solving at work needs a systematic approach. This is the time to go full steam ahead on the academic front. Raising funds for a project seems difficult at this point in time.

Spending an enjoyable time in your social circle is foreseen. Those contemplating a long journey should plan it now. Do not neglect your health.