Your daily horoscope: Thursday, November 2

Your daily horoscope: Thursday, November 2

Know what the day holds for your today.




Your efforts in bringing someone on to the right path will be to no avail. An awkward situation at work over an issue is best avoided. Don’t get influenced by others and rush into things that you may later regret.

Good investment choices will make your money grow. Cupid’s arrow is likely to find its mark, so rejoice! Improve your dietary habits to retain perfect health.



Gaining the trust of someone important is likely to make things easier for you on the business front. You will remain upbeat regarding your performance on the academic front.

Those feeling left out on the romantic front will have something to cheer about soon. A home project is likely to keep you involved today. Be certain of what you are investing in to avoid losses.



Support provided to others will be appreciated, but may not be expressed as such. This is the time to control your expenditure and save for something special.

A senior’s personal task is as important as official jobs, so don’t have any reservations in carrying it out. Attending a family get-together is on the cards and will provide an opportunity of meeting people you had not seen in ages.



Completely recovering from an ailment is foretold for those ailing. Don't repeat your past mistakes, if you want to turn over a new leaf. Professionals will need to be at their networking best to net rich clients.

Make efforts to surmount the odds and get back on the track on the academic front. Go for safe investments options to minimise losing money. Your health initiative will benefit.


Supporting a cause can bring you into the limelight, so keep at it. If you get the right kind of vibes, go ahead with the relationship. Family will be supportive in all your endeavours.

A party thrown by you is set to be a thumping success. Your performance is likely to come in for praise at work. Money gets accumulated by strictly adhering to the budget.


Taking the path of least resistance will save from all the hassles, both at work and in your personal life. Domestic front may experience turbulence. Something troubling your mind in a relationship needs to be addressed immediately.

This is the time to conserve on cash. Success on the academic front is foretold. A home remedy seems effective in controlling an ailment, but don't bank totally on it.



You don't need to be scathing or overly critical in your comments to put your point across; think about it. Tough competition will act as a motivator on the academic front and egg you on.

Money you had been trying to recover from someone may take some more time to materialise. It will be a good idea to confide in parents rather than in friends.



There is nothing much that you can do in a situation of your own making, but to start afresh. Those looking for love may not seek their soul mate yet.

At work, you may get embroiled in something today that may take up extra time. Be prepared for some unexpected expenditure that you had not budgeted for. Academic scene looks favourable, so keep at it with full focus.


Getting it right the first time on the academic front is important. Your workable solution for an expert issue will advance the go beyond from higher-ups.

A commitment at work is likely to get completed satisfactorily. Tensions prevailing in your life will simply disappear. There is a fair chance of owning a property soon. Those feeling unwell can expect improvement in their condition.




You are likely to prevail upon people and get what you want. Don't take any tension over trivial issues; learn not to sweat over small things. An opportunity you had been waiting for may arrive sooner than expected. You are likely to progress well on the academic front. Unexpected expenses that you had not catered for in the budget may dent you financially, if you are not careful.



Your prospects are likely to improve at work, as you get to realise your full potential. Someone will be at hand to guide you on the academic front. Your monetary condition is likely to improve.

Taking partner to someplace exciting is on the cards, so get set for an enjoyable time! A friend is likely to prove supportive to get you into a perfect shape.



Sending the right signals to those who matter at work will do your career a whale of good. Keep up your hard work on the academic front. Be rest assured, your views and opinions regarding an issue will be acted upon.

Availability of fluid money poses no problems, so go ahead and finance something you want. Keeping a regular workout schedule will help you remain trim.


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