Your daily horoscope: Saturday, October 28th

Your daily horoscope: Saturday, October 28th

See what the day has in store for you!


A tricky man management issue at work would keep you occupied today. Don't give up on something that is yours, just because someone else lays claim to it. 

Take the advice of experts before investing your money in current schemes. Those suffering from aches and pains would find some solace in home remedies. Don't lose your focus on the academic front.


Listen to an elderly's advice on the home front, you would nothing but gain from it. Getting lucrative business offers is foretold, so wait and watch. However, don’t presume things till the time you don’t see them with your own eyes.

Beware of making stupid mistakes on the academic front. Selling a piece of land promises big money, but only if you drive the bargain hard.


Avoid confrontations as your love-hate relationship with someone may prove detrimental to your mental health. You may get into a bit of a trouble at work today, but do not worry as it is not a serious issue.

You may be faced with the prospect of circumventing the red tape for approvals for something you are constructing. Those travelling today are in for a pleasurable journey.


It would be tough to eliminate negative feelings towards someone. You will need to work hard for better results on the academic front.

It may become difficult to implement an important decision at work, but persistence will pay. Those with the desire of making money can expect a field day today! You are likely to meet someone close after a long time.


It is always wise to keep everyone in the loop while making your decisions so that it brings up things you haven't considered. Remain cool and calm on the academic front to fare well.

Money comes from unexpected sources and helps you in going ahead with a much-awaited purchase or a plan. Changes contemplated may get a go ahead.


Taking timely action will save a lot of hassle, so don't waste time in contemplating. Don't expect to relax at work today, as extra responsibilities may come your way.

Your efforts on the academic front may soon get recognised. Good earning will make you splurge on luxury items, but don't overdo it. Today, partner appears uncharacteristically loving, so make the most of it!


Partnering someone on the business front, so think about it. Your flip-flop on the academic front may prove detrimental to achieve your ultimate objective.

You will have to give your all to complete a job entrusted to you. Money you had been waiting for will finally be released. Flames of passion might fizzle out if you don’t find time for love.


Get your personal life sorted if you want it to be smooth. You may need to reconcile to certain facts that stare you in the face on the academic front.

You would be on your toes at work today. It is best to take financial advice before investing in property. Let go of past grudges.


You will manage to brighten your chances on the professional front. Nurture a relationship that is going through a turbulent period. An outing will give a perfect finish to the day.

Don't harbour any imaginary grudges against anyone, as it may keep you in a disturbed state. Surmounting the odds on the academic front seems challenging, but you will measure up to it. 


The day seems good enough to make you indulge in your favourite pastime, so make the most of it! Your efforts on the academic front will get you positive results.

Those with a creative bent of mind may get the recognition they seek. Financial constraints may force you to let go of a good bargain. Give a second chance to a relationship, before you decide to terminate it.


Consider all the factors before deciding on a future course of action on the personal front. You might be asked to lead a team or head a political or civic body.

It will be important to keep a balance between work and family time. Those on junk food might suffer from a  lifestyle disease.


Make things easier for yourself at work by sticking to schedules. You may have to loosen your purse strings to impress the one you love. Don't miss on a chance to better your performance on the academic front.

Your sincerity and inquisitiveness may encourage you to get involved in whatever is happening around you. A tiff with partner is set to become history, so rejoice!


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