Your daily horoscope: Monday, November 6, 2017

Your daily horoscope: Monday, November 6, 2017

See what the day has in store for you!



Be steady in whatever you have undertaken to achieve completion. Business owners may witness a rise in profits. Don't be greedy while investing in a get-rich-quick scheme may actually work.

Family would appreciate your timeout with them. What you desire may be yours on the academic front, if you play your cards well. A sporting event proves most entertaining.


Personal life would undergo a change for the better. Your good work would get appreciated at work and would be acknowledged.

On the academic front, you will do well to retain your competitive spirit to emerge victorious. Those playing the stocks are likely to profit. Switch to healthy food to be fit. Socially you'd be popular.


It's good to wait for better options but that does not mean that you miss out on current options. Onus of setting things right on the academic front rests on you, so don’t falter.

You'd have an altercation with your spouse over a difference of opinion, but let it not spoil the day. Tight budgeting is key to overcome a cash crunch. You might go to an entertaining place today.


Be careful not to hurt the feelings of people around you. Give space to a family member, who is adamant on doing things his or her own way. Spirituality is key to a  calm mind.

Your steps on the academic front would help boost your performance. Good work-related advice from a senior needs to be implemented without any reservations.


Get your act together as you might lose if you are slow on the uptake. You may be called upon to arrange for someone’s stay at your place or a place nearby.

Do not lose your cool when dealing with a minor tiff with a neighbour or friend. Additional work may need to be undertaken on priority on the academic front. Don’t be lured by dubious schemes.



Carrying out work to the satisfaction of superiors seems difficult with your present mindset. Steer clear of any disputes arising in a family matter. Those hoping for a lucky break on the promotion front may find their chances brightening.

A subordinate may need disciplining at work, but do so with soft gloves. Much running about is foreseen on the academic front. Avoid excesses to prevent ill health.



Your insistence on something may annoy people, but you will have your way. Those in business will manage to turn a loss making venture into a profitable one.

Your personal example will encourage a child or sibling to emulate you on the academic front. Your steps to curb wasteful expenditure will succeed. Today, you are likely to meet someone you have not met in years.


You will find things easing out on the personal front. A wise investment done previously promises rich returns. Good news about a sick family member is likely to bring great relief.

You will need to take the right steps to further your aim on the academic front. A religious ceremony connected with wedding or some other rite may get underway, bringing joy and happiness.



Your lack of attention to details may get you into the firing line at home. Newlyweds may experience some differences, but will iron them out soon.

Your caring nature will be much in evidence, as you go out of your way to help someone. Better prospects in another job is likely to get you into two minds regarding your present one, but don’t take any hasty decisions.



You may be expected to go out of your way to help someone out today. Those pursuing an academic goal may find the going tough, but success is foretold. You will manage to plan your investments well.

Suspicious nature of lover may irritate you, but don’t be harsh. Your ideas may find favour with like-minded people. You are likely to make extra efforts to get back in shape.



 A healthy bank balance will add to your self-confidence. Spouse and other family members may compel you for a change of scene to get a breath of fresh air.

You may need to get some support to complete a pending task. An outing is on the anvil for some. Despite spending time together, you may feel hesitant to broach a subject close to your heart with lover.


Your upbeat mood at work will help boost performance. Problem about finances will be resolved by cutting corners. You can expect some assistance from family in whatever you are associated with.

Retaining good relations with people you meet will prove beneficial in the long run. On the academic front, great planning will have a significant effect in whatever you are endeavouring to accomplish.


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