Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, November 13th

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See what the day has in store for you!



Today, you are likely to face the ire of someone you have offended in the past, so be careful. Extending a helping hand to someone in need is the done thing, so don’t have any reservations about it.

Going for a luxury item at this juncture may prove heavy on the pocket. Give advice to others, only if you are sure of things yourself.


Making a good time at work is important today, as you can be faced with interruptions. Your resolve will help you in quitting a bad habit. Developments at home may not be to your liking, but try and not get hassled by it.

You may get saddled with extra workload on the academic front. Those learning anything physical need to exercise caution. Be judicious in your spending.



Get more involved in things that matter to the family, if you want to be counted in. On the academic front, you will do well to take your own decisions. An exciting challenge is in store for some professionals.

Help sought on the personal front will be forthcoming. Today, you get to enjoy the company of people you like. Make efforts to stay in shape.



Shed your tendency to talk against people. On the academic front, you may find yourself walking on thin ice, so hope for the best. A favourable day is indicated for those going in for investments on the property front.

Your romantic endeavours bear fruit. You cannot afford to be careless with your health. Be fair in your decisions and don’t succumb to any pressure.  


Getting things in order at work may keep you involved the whole day. Someone is likely to prove a great support on the academic front.

A relative or life partner may bother you over an issue and may not tune in to your side of the story. A good job opportunity may come your way, but don’t be hasty in applying for it without vetting it closely.


You will need to muster enough courage to call a spade a spade, but it is best if you do it now. Your consistent performance on the academic front will get you noticed. Smooth sailing in a relationship is foreseen.

You are likely to double your efforts on the health front. A profitable day is foreseen for those into betting. Those in love get to enjoy the day.



A better option may tempt you on the academic front, but be careful. Business persons will manage to make the day profitable. Someone knowledgeable may be needed to help you in completing an assignment.

A trip may provide a welcome break from daily routine. Separation yourself from awful organization now or you can confront issues later. Your initiative on the romantic front will get you what you seek.



Reviving an old love interest is indicated for some. Be sure of what you want, before you get involved in negotiations. You may take a home loan to buy property.

At work, expect praise from unexpected quarters for something you have achieved. Home environment remains serene and most welcoming. Your partner or a family member may not stick to his or her word and get you all upset.



Your steady progress on the academic front is set to get you to your goal. Tackling a minor ailment at this juncture is important. You may decide to undertake an out of town journey just to be with family and friends.

Someone close may need your help, so don’t disappoint. An exciting hobby may keep you entertained today. Those spiritually inclined can expect inner peace and tranquillity.



You will need to remain forward-looking in a matter that is not going your way. Be open with others to let them know that you care. Love life appears immensely fulfilling.

You are likely to put your ideas into action at work and derive much from it. New employees may need to get into the grip of things quickly. Your financial situation is set to brighten.



Gaining experience on the professional front is important at this juncture. Don’t hesitate to take any assistance you get in completing an assignment on the academic front. Your office routine can suffer due to frequent travelling and meetings. Consider all aspects of taking a personal decision.

Those romantically inclined may need to make things exciting. Bring positive changes in your life for the sake of your health.



Getting the best out of a situation may become a mission in your life. You may have to make efforts to set a routine that gels with your lifestyle. Differences with a family member may show signs of thawing.

Luck takes a turn for the better, as you finally stabilise your financial front. You will need to be proactive in setting right a glitch at work.