Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, November 22nd

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See what the day has in store for you!



Bring some originality to your thoughts, if you are out to impress. Renewing your contacts on the academic front at this juncture will be in your interest. You can be worst off by taking the opinion of others for an investment, so think and act.

A change of scene may prove rejuvenating for those trapped in a monotonous routine. Don't use physical intimacy as a form of escapism.



Choices on the academic front are galore, but go with what you are comfortable in. At work, your wish to do things your way may meet with resistance, so avoid such a situation.

Profits accrue in investments done in the past. Friends and relatives will look up to you for support and inspiration. Your quick wit and intelligence will impress important people on the academic front.



You may find yourself in a better position in a competitive situation. Don't read too much into an incident, as it will only make you regretful. An overseas visit to your near and dear ones is on the cards.

Make someone responsible for a new venture, instead of taking it up yourself. Those in academics may get burdened with additional work. A long-term friendship may turn into romance.



Keep close tabs on people who you have made responsible to deliver what has been tasked. Those planning to settle out of town will get full support of the family.

Recognition for your hard work on the academic front is in the pipeline. You succeed in finding newer ways to make some extra money. This is the time for the newlyweds to fly off to someplace exotic.  



A little indiscretion on your part may cause a major embarrassment, so be careful of what you say or do. Those appearing for a competition or an exam must go in for extra coaching to fare well.

Taking a break from routine will be a good idea to rejuvenate. Dealing in real estate brings good profits for property dealers and builders. A disciplined life leads to perfect fitness.



Make efforts to establish yourself at work. You are likely to team up with someone close to explore a new field. Your man-management skills will come in handy to sort out a complicated issue involving the family.

An old problem you are suffering from may aggravate through your own negligence. A gift will be the surest way to get a sulking partner in an upbeat mood!



Spending time with someone you had known for years is indicated today and will be most enjoyable. Participating in an event is possible for those trying for a break in show business.

This is an ideal day to implement changes you had been contemplating for long. Meeting old friends over lunch or dinner may not prove as exciting as you had anticipated. Health remains satisfactory.



Be prepared for something today that is out of the ordinary. You may find your focus wavering on the academic front, due to distractions. On the professional front, remain alert for any opportunities materialising, for they may not appear again.

The health of a family member may cause a bit of a concern, but will be nothing serious. Some of you may start the renovation of house or office.



Your focus will be on money and you may go into the saving mode. It is good to share, so give selflessly and earn the blessings of all. An extended courtship for the recently engaged is foreseen.

You will do well to provide full support to someone supporting you in your endeavours. New found mental tranquillity may prove intoxicating and make you carry on with your spiritual pursuits.



Spirituality proves most fulfilling at this juncture. Your busy schedule may give little time for personal pursuits, but this too shall pass.

Someone is out to test your knowledge through a debate or discussion, so don’t get unnerved. You may get suitably rewarded for your performance on the academic front. Keeping partner happy has its benefits that you are likely to soon find out!



It may not be easy to dislocate from one place and get located into other, but you have no choice. At work, keeping superiors on your right side assumes importance at this juncture.

You will succeed in starting a new business or expanding an already established one. Those confronting issues on the health front can expect change. Expect an enjoyable time with lover today.



Don't depend too much on someone who is not in a position to help; it will be a wasted effort. You may decide to promote yourself on the professional front to take the competition head-on.

A situation may develop on the personal front where you may have to speak up your mind, so don't shy away. Loan granted is likely to fulfill your fond desire.