Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, November 15th

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See what the day has in store for you!



It is best to take a lenient view of someone who you feel is crossing the line. Don’t let anyone waste your time in office today, as you seem to have your hands full.

Get all the dope on a scheme that seems lucrative, before you invest. It is time to give a second chance to someone who has fallen apart. Bring your focus back on the academic front.


Your little push to someone is all that is needed to get him or her moving in the right direction. You will manage to convince a superior to get something done in the office. Getting acquainted with an enchanting individual from the opposite gender can't be precluded for some. Medical condition of a family elder may become a cause for worry. Academic success is assured.



Taking the easy way out may not be the right way on the academic front. A raise or increment is indicated at work. This is the day to complete what you had been postponing for long. Clubbing leisure with business will help lighten the load. Money may come to you from unexpected sources. An evening out with lover is foreseen, so don’t forget to dress your best!


You may have to divide your time for two equally important jobs; do so without any reservations. Holding your own in the face of competition on the academic front may take some doing, but you will measure up to it.

Get a good grip on the situation developing on the domestic front. It is best to follow the advice of someone clued up financially.


Maintain a tight vigil on something that you are most possessive about, as people are ready to pounce on it. Persuading someone to follow your advice may not be taken kindly to, so let it be.

For those going in for higher studies, raising finances may not pose much difficulty. Today, you will manage to breeze through your work and save some time for leisure.  



Competition on the romantic front may unsettle you, so take all steps to keep your love interest by your side. Your performance on the academic front needs improvement, so don’t spare any efforts for it.

Steer clear of spouse’s firing line, as he or she may suffer from mood swings. Extra workload is foreseen for doctors, engineers, and other professionals. Don’t get careless at work today.



Something that you are doing may win you appreciation. You will manage to consolidate your position on the financial front. Goodwill of family and friends will help you achieve much on the academic front.

Those involved in legal case may find the day favourable. An exciting out of town trip is on the anvil, so go enjoy your heart out! You enjoy good health.



It is time you gave due recognition to the hard work put in by others on your behalf. Visiting someone close staying abroad or out of town may soon become a reality. Those feeling stuck in a monotonous routine may plan something interesting.

You will manage to hold your own in competitive environment on the academic front. Recovering the full amount from someone may become an uphill task.



There is no point in waiting endlessly for something to happen, as nothing will move without your initiative. Efforts may be required to regain lost ground on the academic front, but you will manage it somehow.

Your financial situation is likely to improve by leaps and bounds. Distinct improvement is indicated in the condition of those suffering from a lifestyle disease. Be careful at work today.



You will need to widen your choice on the academic front. Additional work may tie you down today in the office. Splurging on a few luxury items is possible.

Those working under a deadline will find themselves comfortably placed. Marriage is on the anvil for the eligible. Some of you may take time out from your routine to proceed for a second honeymoon. Health remains excellent.



Pending issues need to be sorted out, even if it means devoting extra time at work today. It is important to master a new field to establish yourself on the academic front.

Marriage may be on the top of the minds of the eligible and goad them to start browsing the marriage market. Plan your day at office to give more time to important issues.


An early start to the day is necessary to complete what has been assigned to you, so take your call. Your bargaining power in a deal may help seal it. Your friends’ circle is set to expand, as you spread your wings.

Bring positive changes in your life, if you want to remain stress-free. Those in love may need to plan out their meetings in advance.