Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, March 7th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, March 7th

Aquarius: Your worry and concern for someone will be most touching.


Tips given by someone is likely to come in handy in a tricky situation. You will need to watch your step on the work front as someone is out to get you. Don’t promise anything to anyone, especially money. Some of you will succeed in kicking a bad habit.

Ascertain facts before reacting to a bad news about something or someone. Those learning to drive or swim will succeed in their efforts. A sporting discipline may interest you.


Certain good options on the business front can be expected. Condition of those under the weather is set to improve. Much spadework will be required in getting a project on the tracks. Homemakers will take the initiative of making some positive changes on the home front.

It is best to steer clear of gossipmongers as you may get involved in something unfavourable. A lot of convincing will be required to make lover consent to your wishes. Health will remain excellent.


You will succeed in impressing the one you secretly love. There is a chance that whatever you do on the social front will boost your image! You can get in two minds regarding an investment. An approaching deadline can make you nervous.

Preparation for a function or a party can take most of your day. It will be important to choose the right training for achieving peak fitness. You can feel a bit envious of someone close.


Support from an unexpected quarter will prove to be of great help. You can become a part of a project at work, so brace yourself for hard work! Spouse is likely to appear demanding and overbearing.

Chance of missing out on a handsome commission in a deal is likely, unless you take care of it. Homemakers are likely to exceed budget in improving the home front. Good preparation will be needed by students to achieve their aim.


Professionally, you are likely to excel. This is an excellent time to showcase your talents. You may not see eye-to-eye with a family member. Financial condition is set to improve for some, as profits accrue. A good turn done to someone at work is likely to be repaid soon.

A legal victory is foreseen for some. Delays and glitches can mar a perfect outing. Keep romance on the backburner today. An outing with your lover is preordained!


Following someone blindly on the professional or academic front may not be in your favour. You are likely to fall in love soon as cupid’s arrow hits the mark! Chances of becoming the owner of a house or an apartment look bright for some.

You will need all the tact and diplomacy at your disposal to handle a family member. Some of you may have to take moral responsibility for an act of omission or commission.


You may have to handle someone else’s job at work today. This is an ideal day to deal with the issue you have been neglecting for long. A helping hand can be expected for completing a long pending job. Some students may have a sigh of relief and feel upbeat about their performance.

Some efforts may be required to stabilise monetary condition. You are likely to take the family someplace exciting and enjoy your heart out! Lonely hearts may get lucky.


You may remain annoyed and irritable today for no specific reason. Spouse or a family member may not be on talking terms with you today. Imaginary grouses can keep you mentally preoccupied. Complaints are the only thing you will get while on an outing with lover.

Be careful while driving in heavy traffic. A trying time is indicated for job seekers. You remain financially stable and moneywise mentally contented. It is time you did something about your physical fitness.


Time has come to prove your mettle on the professional front and you will go great guns! You play your cards well today in the social arena and manage to swing the opinion of those who matter in your favour.

Those in property business can find the day profitable. Forging a business partnership is foreseen and will be a step in the right direction. Your concern for an ailing relation may make you undertake a journey.


Extending the fig leaf to someone not in talking terms with you will be a step in the right direction. Your attempts at playing to the gallery may not work in your favour. You have the money, but what you need is a little judiciousness in spending.

A turbulent period is foreseen in a new job. Marketing personnel may have to stretch to meet targets. A long drive or a vacation with family can be fun.


Your worry and concern for someone will be most touching. Listen well before opening your mouth at work today and give your views and opinions only when asked. Retailers may not find much change in the status of their sales.

Take care not to fritter away your earnings, as you may need to keep it for the rainy day. You will keep a promise and get appreciated for it. Family scene will be joyous as fresh beginnings are made.


A romantic time is indicated for the newlyweds. This is an excellent day for those having romantic inclinations. An enjoyable journey by road is on the cards for some. Some of you are likely to acquire property in the form of a plot or an apartment.

A tough competition is likely to egg you on to give your best. Bad mood of a family member threatens to vitiate the domestic atmosphere, if you don’t do something about it.

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