Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, March 14th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, March 14th

Aries: Recognition on the professional front is in store.



Recognition on the professional front is in store for some. A sibling may prove a great support in something that you have undertaken. Fortune shines on those playing the stocks or involved in betting. An overseas deal promises to bring in good profits for traders and industrialists.

Acquiring property by way of inheritance is possible for some. Some more efforts and hard work will see you come out with flying colours on the academic front.


You are likely to make money by showing your financial acumen. Those unwell will show marked improvement in their condition. The raise you had been expecting will become a reality soon. A pending project will be put back on the tracks through your endeavours.

Single mothers are likely to become more financially secure. Weight watchers will succeed in remaining in shape through their own efforts. Your academic aspirations are likely to be achieved. Someone will keep you entertained today.


Things that were going wrong for sometime will start to improve. You feel more at peace with yourself and are much better able to cope with everyday tensions. Those in government jobs will be able to take positive steps to further their careers.

You will need to ease the academic pressure that you find yourself in at present. A financial crunch being experienced by some will soon be over. A conscious effort on your part will help boost earning.


Someone is likely to take you under his or her wing, just to help you out. Your attempts at impressing the seniors will bear fruit in the absence of any tangible professional achievement, so keep at it! Those preparing for competitions will find their focus and do well.

An expensive gift to someone important is likely to open many doors for you. A tough duty that you are apprehensive about may not materialise. You remain in good health.


Day augurs well for those running their own business. A favourable financial situation will help you in overcoming the downturn in business. An assignment on the academic front will be tackled satisfactorily. You will succeed in making your presence felt on the social front.

Those playing the stocks are likely to hit it rich. A lot of loose ends will be tied up on the work front, as you get the time. An outing with beloved will be fun.


Success can get to your head, as you continue to excel in whatever you are involved in. Family members will cater to your whims and fancies and give you the treatment you deserve. Strengthening the bonds of love is indicated with the one you love.

You are likely to lead the team at work and achieve that others thought was unachievable. Monetary help from an unexpected source can be expected by some. Health remains good.


You will need to become a good time manager to manage your various projects. A misunderstanding threatens to crop up with spouse or a family member, so steer clear of all controversial subjects today. Things at work will go according to plans and you will be able to achieve much.

A money-making scheme can get you all excited and may prove profitable too. Love is in the air, but it is up to you to take the initiative!


You may not get everyone’s consent for implementing a new idea at work. A youngster may lack total involvement in a task entrusted to him or her. Ups and downs are indicated on the business front.

Those feeling under the weather for the past few days may not show signs of improvement. Booking a house or apartment may not be possible in the absence of loan. You can take up too many jobs at a time and get overworked.


This day is excellent for getting what you have set your mind on. Professionally, you are likely to make a mark by your sheer brilliance! On the financial front, the day is going to be exceptionally profitable. On the domestic front, you succeed in infusing positivity to make everyone feel at peace.

On the health front, you manage to keep ailments at bay. You rejoice on the romantic front. A great outing with friends is envisaged.


A family reunion is on the cards, so get set for an exciting time. You are likely to be given a prestigious task that can add a feather to your cap. Those seeking a raise or promotion will not be disappointed. A good marriage proposal can come to the eligible.

Your attempts at wooing lover will not go in vain. Those suffering from lifestyle diseases will find their condition improving. You will excel on the academic front.


Favourable treatment is in store for some on the academic front. Your professional soundness will be your greatest asset at work today. Market trends can tempt you into playing the stocks, which may prove to be a profitable venture. A family elder will be there when you need him or her the most.

Your soft approach and soothing words will help placate frayed tempers. A diet plan adopted recently is likely to suit your system well.


An issue that is worrying you on the professional front will resolve itself. Your kind and helpful nature are likely to add to your popularity on the social front. Go ahead with an important financial decision as stars appear favourable.

Family life will be most satisfying as spouse is all out to cater to your moods! Wedding bells can soon toll for the eligible. Self-discipline will help you remain in good health. A fun outing is indicated.

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