Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, January 25th

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Pisces: Don't let a situation on the personal front get out of hand.



You will have the time to get something organised today. Playing the waiting game with someone may put you on an endless wait, so do what you want to do!

On the social front, you get your thrills by showing off to impress one and all. Problems need to be tackled on an urgent basis on the academic front. Planning an outing with partner cannot be ruled out today.


It is important to consult people in the field, before you take a decision. Going out of your way to help someone out may win you the brownie points. Acting on someone’s counsel on the academic front will give you a clearer picture on the issues. Conserving money will be important at this juncture. You may imitate someone on the social front just to be at par with him or her.


You may have to get along people you don't particularly like, but little you can do about it. Your efficiency at work will not let anything remain pending. The day proves favourable on the academic front. Organising a party or a picnic is possible. Your reputation is set to rise on the social front. Marriage is on the anvil for the eligible. Love life rocks and give immense fulfillment.


It is time you got things going at work. Your concern for a family youngster will be immense, but you may have problems expressing it! Things remain positive on the academic front. Too many things need to be sorted out in a relationship, so start right away. You will succeed in maintaining stability on the financial front. You may need to choose some good options on the health front.


Someone’s support will allow you to reach out further on the professional front. Make more efforts on the academic front to achieve what you are after. You are likely to take up some pending issues at home, as you have the time. Many ups and downs are likely to be encountered by those playing the stocks. Your efforts threaten to go waste, as something you are organising gets cancelled.


Be focussed on what you are doing, as you may not get a second chance. At work, you will remain in a position to authority and make others do your bidding.

A contract that you are after will be yours, if you play your cards well. Higher studies may beckon some freshly out of college. It is an excellent day to meet people you have not met in years.


Doing things just for the sake of doing may get noticed. Remember, you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but not all the people at all times!

Something you have organised at home promises to be a thumping success. Meeting future soul mate cannot be ruled out for the eligible. Financial security promises to lessen your worries. Sparing time for a trip appears difficult.


You are likely to make the grade on the academic front, if you don't succumb to distractions. Going from strength to strength is indicated at work.

Public figures are likely to earn praise for their contribution to a common cause. Someone you know from before may plan to meet you today. Partner may find newer ways to please you on the love front, so enjoy while it lasts!


Getting the hang of something not your forte may prove difficult, but you will manage it admirably. Be ready to get overloaded with work on the academic front.

Some developments at home may not be to your liking, but it is better to wait for some time before asserting yourself. Lover may not be in the mood for romance, so give him or her space. Curtail impulsiveness on the financial front.


You may need to be upfront about something that is pricking your conscience at work. Making a new beginning on the academic front is possible for some.

Settling for a piece of real estate can soon become a reality. Ignoring a minor ailment may spell trouble on the health front, so don’t neglect. You remain active and in touch with all. Put your romantic ideas into practice today!


Get things in order at work, as there are too many loose ends. On the personal front, this seems a good day to pursue what is on your mind.

You are likely to remain an over-achiever on the academic front. A source of income that you have created is set to add to your wealth. Your kindness and helpful attitude is likely to get you praise from many quarters.


Don't let a situation on the personal front get out of hand. Compromise with those who are close to you is the need of the hour.

Someone you know may seek your help, so commit only if you have the time. Receiving a payment given up as lost is likely to delight you. Workload at office may give you little time to do your own thing. Health remains good.