Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, January 24th

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Pisces: Settling scores with someone may be a retrograde step and will solve nothing


Not heeding to the advice of elders can get you into trouble, so don't take that chance. Be confident to overcome all competition that comes your way.

You may be entrusted with a position of authority or may become a part of a prestigious organization. Planning a vacation with near and dear ones may not excite those thinking of a second honeymoon. Health remains excellent.


Your ideas are likely to work on the business front and turn profitable. Plans to visit someone abroad may be afoot for some. You will manage to put up a good showing on the academic front.

Going to any extent for the welfare of your family is ingrained in your nature and you are not likely to leave any stone unturned to help and support them. A romantic evening proves enjoyable.


If you are sensitive to what others say about you, remain careful of what you say about others. Curb your habit of manipulating others, as it may rebound on you.

Something that had been worrying you in the past is likely to get resolved and come as a great relief to you. Your stars on the academic front appear to be on the ascendant and will help make your mark.


Projecting a positive image at work will do much to enhance your career. A suitable matrimonial match may be found for someone eligible in the family. You may remain in a celebratory mood on the social front as you enjoy your popularity within your circle of friends and relations.

Successfully crossing all hurdles is indicated on the academic front. You enjoy a favourable financial situation. Health remains satisfactory through own efforts.


Be certain of what you do on the professional front, as any wrong step may have adverse consequences. Whatever you take up at work today, needs to be seen to completion.

A social gathering is likely to prove good for networking with people who matter. Profits accrue for those working on commission basis. Those feeling under the weather for some time will be back on the track soon.


Making time for someone you like is important, so spare some time from work. You will need to closely follow the developments in a business deal. Encouraging developments on the academic front are foreseen for some.

Wise investments will keep your bank balance in a healthy state. A child or a family youngster can keep you worried today. Be more assertive to make your love life happening again.


This is the right time to initiate what you had been contemplating for long. It will be fun to get your hands soiled today with something you love immensely! An opportunity presenting itself on the academic front should not be missed.

You are likely to invite your near and dear ones to spend the day with you. Your desire to enjoy a vacation with someone close may become a reality soon.


Something that you had wanted for long may begin taking shape now. Make things happen, if others are reluctant to do so. You may have to wait and watch, as things may appear a bit hazy on the professional front.

Getting invited to a celebrity do is on the cards for some. Mutual attraction may give the required push to your budding romance, so rejoice! Keep lifestyle disease in check.  


Don't get discouraged by the opinion of people who like to put you down. Work on your strengths and limit your weaknesses. You may choose to resume your workouts just to come back in shape.

Those ailing for long will find their condition much improved than before. Reserve your opinion in a matter and wait for an opportune time to air your views. You may choose to keep romance on the backburner.


You will get all the support you need for your current endeavour on the professional front. Someone may hire your services in a long-term deal. Volunteering for a cause on the social front is likely to give you an immense sense of satisfaction.

You will feel much more financially secure now, than before. You will be in the mood for a bit of romance and you will not be disappointed!


You may be sucked into a task that is not in your charter of duties. Give time to an important decision, as haste may prove counterproductive. Meeting people you get along with well is likely to make the day enjoyable for you.

Something pending on the home front may be taken up in the right earnest. An out of town vacation will prove most rejuvenating. Heath remains satisfactory.


Settling scores with someone may be a retrograde step and will solve nothing, so go for an amicable solution to the problem. Someone who is trying to boss you around at work may need to be put in place.

You may need to curb your habit of splurging and focus on saving on the financial front. Junk food and irresponsible eating can play havoc with your system, so desist from it.