Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, January 17th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, January 17th

Pisces: You will manage to achieve what you had aimed for on the academic front.



Initiative taken on the academic front is likely to benefit you now. You are about to enter an excellent professional phase. Your advice and guidance will be much sought after at work. There will be no problem on the financial front; in fact things are going to improve.

A windfall can greet some businesspersons. Your efforts on the fitness front are likely to succeed. Some of you can take up a sport just to keep slim and trim.


Problems faced on the health front may take a serious turn, so be cautious. It may prove difficult to remain self-motivated for doing tough task or duty. Things may not look good on the financial front and compel you to look elsewhere.

Your talents and skills may go unrecognised on the professional front. Gift of the gab is God’s gift to you, but use it judiciously. Workaholics may get on the wrong side of spouse today.


You are likely to win praise for something that you have organised on the work front. Health is certain to improve for those who have been ailing for long. Those missing workouts may get motivated to resume their daily routine once again.

You may get the opportunity to implement some home improvement plans. At home, you may be preparing to receive someone who is coming to stay with you. Love life will give immense happiness as bonds grow strong.


Getting recommended for something prestigious is in the pipeline for some on the professional front. You will be good at whatever you do today. Helping someone to improve performance on the academic front will prove most satisfying.

Homemakers may take up the task of home improvement. A whirlwind romance can leave you breathless! You will enjoy good health and remain fit. Moneywise, you are not likely to face any difficulty. A social gathering is on the cards.


Luck favours you today. You will fare well professionally today and will achieve the unachievable. You may find solutions to your finance related troubles. A new treatment or an alternative medicine will help you get rid of health problems.

Love life should be kept peppy with more efforts and time invested with each other. Things start to improve on the financial front, but you remain in the saving mode.


Someone who is now toeing your line may call on you. You may get a chance to improve your professional skills. Task entrusted to you will be completed to the satisfaction of all. Academically, you will shine in the eyes of those who matter.

Problems faced on the financial front will soon be resolved. Minting money through a scheme cannot be ruled out for some. You will enjoy excellent health by setting up a routine. Those ailing may show positive improvement.


You may be called upon to settle a family dispute. Some of you may get a chance to do up a new house. Your ideas on the home front will be good, but expensive. Someone may seek your company on a long journey.

You will be in the mood for romance today, so play your cards well! Pending work, if left for a later date, may become an albatross around your neck. Don’t get too liberal with money.


Your inputs on the professional front are certain to get you fame and recognition. Romantically a satisfying day is foreseen, when you can spend quality time with your lover. Try to get over the habit of worrying unnecessarily.

Chances of having a showdown with parents or a family elder can be upsetting for you. Career front looks promising and numerous job opportunities seem most likely.


You will need to cater to the moods of someone in the family. Boss may not be too happy with your way of handling the things. Someone may try to allure you to invest in dubious schemes. Lover may demand your time and attention which you may not able to cater owing to work pressure.

Tensions may surround your mind juggling between personal and professional spheres. Family will be supportive of your aspirations. A friend’s help will allow you take a strong decision.


You will need to put your best foot forward on the academic front. Work wise, you may acknowledge positive developments today. Things going your way will boost your morale.

Your contributions in an important event will be noticed by those who matter. Investments made in the past bring in good returns making your bank balance healthy. Don’t be stingy when it comes to your bit in a relationship.


An unexpected good turn by someone may leave you speechless today! Keeping cool in a changing situation will add to your reputation on the professional front. Remaining on the good side of those who matter on the academic front will help you achieve much.

Success is foreseen for those playing the stocks. Cupid may smile and fill your life with happiness. You are likely to avail an exciting opportunity of doing something together with celebrities or people of importance.  


You will manage to achieve what you had aimed for on the academic front. At work, you will be able to complete the given assignment to the satisfaction of superiors. Those facing interview are likely to fare well. Family will be proud of something that you have achieved.

If you want to invest in property, now is the time. You will manage to save much by being cautious on the financial front. Strengthening a romantic relationship is indicated.


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