Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, January 10th

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Aquarius: If getting a hold of someone or something looks difficult, consider it a temporary phase.


Your initiative will help mend fences with someone you were not in talking terms. A chance to prove your mettle on the professional front will be nicely availed by you. Things promise to work in your favour on the academic front. An outstanding payment is likely to be received.

Taking recourse to alternative medicine for an ailment will be a step in the right direction for those ailing. Those seeking romance can expect to get lucky!



You will need to get a hang of things before you chip in with suggestions. Be more assertive in dealing with workplace issues, otherwise, you can be taken for granted by others. You are the best judge of your financial situation, so don’t get influenced by others into spending money.

Overstraining on the health front in workouts cannot be ruled out for some. Control your temper tantrums, as they may not be tolerated. Adhere to road safety rules.




A stranger may be all too keen to befriend you, find out why. You can fall for someone’s charms and start a budding romance! Opting for a break in routine will help you rest and rejuvenate. Try not to be harsh, even if someone questions your professional competence and standing.

Outcome of something that you have delivered on the academic front can be disappointing. Differences with spouse are set to escalate and spoil the domestic environment.



If you need a helping hand, you may have to make efforts. Your single-minded devotion to the task at hand on the professional front is likely to win you laurels. Help will be forthcoming on the academic front, so shed all your worries.

Family will support you in cutting corners and conserving money, so expect a substantial increase in savings. On the romantic front, you may undergo an image makeover just to impress someone of the opposite gender!   



If you are lagging behind in anything, now is the time to catch up. Don’t let miscommunication spoil your relationship, so be clear in what you say.

Success may elude some on the academic front and lead to frustration. Irresponsible handling of money may upset your budget. Differences cropping up with spouse are possible on the marital front and may end up in a fight. Don’t take your lover for granted, as you can be made to regret it.


This is the best time to bond with someone you have met. Your support to someone in the family will help him or her to get ahead in life and this may prove immensely fulfilling for you.

Someone you love will be at hand to fulfill your romantic aspirations. You are likely to keep things progressing satisfactorily on the academic front. Your talent is likely to take you places. Money comes to you from an unexpected source.


Quick thinking may be required to get out of a tight corner. Pending decisions from higher echelons on the professional front may put your progress in limbo. Your financial worries are likely to be unfounded, as you have enough.

Good health is your priority now and you will do everything to retain it. You are likely to make yourself socially in to enjoy juicy titbits on the social grapevine! Those undertaking a journey are likely to make a good time.



This is the right time to get things moving in your career. Your professional competence is likely to open many doors on the career front. Keeping pace with others on the academic front will not pose much difficulty.

Financially, you remain on a strong wicket and discover some more avenues of earning. Enjoying good health by getting serious on the exercise and workout fronts is indicated. You are likely to become a pillar of strength for someone.



If money is a problem, you will get it soon. A most unexpected surprise awaits you on the romantic front that is certain to warm the cockles of your heart! You may get a chance to meet an old acquaintance in a social gathering.

A favourable situation can be expected by maintaining the pace on the professional or academic front. It is time you start taking in interest in current happenings. Health remains satisfactory through own efforts.  



This is the time to keep people who matter on your right side. Your professional excellence may mightily impress someone important in the organisational hierarchy, so expect your career to rock! Academic success in a tough competition is foreseen for some.

Your initiative on the social front is likely to be lauded by all. Romantic endeavours of those looking for love will bear fruit, as someone falls for you! Taking a break from the routine is possible.


If getting a hold over someone or something looks difficult, consider it a temporary phase. You are onto something different and may get selfish about your personal time and space.

Keeping pace with others on the academic front will not be too difficult, but avoid any kind of distractions. Something important may have to be kept on hold for organising a social event. An exciting trip may end in a whimper, but the change will be most welcome.


This is the best time to exercise control, before things get difficult. Your financial condition is set to improve and you will have enough to invest in something you are keen on. Keeping your diet under control and remaining active will be the key to your good health.

Professional rivalry may come to fore and make the work front fiercely competitive. Those studying can fare much below their expectations. Don’t let an ugly situation develop on the home front.