Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, December 27

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See what the day holds for you!


Your persuasive powers will help swing a deal in your favour on the professional front. A golden opportunity to turn your ideas into profit is here; go seek it.

Certain social obligations need to be discharged, so don’t try and wriggle out of it! Loss through bad investment is foreseen for some. The irregular routine may affect your health adversely, so bring some discipline in your life.



Catering only to those who matter may make you a marked man at work, so be discreet about such things. Your creative potential is likely to be tapped and bring you some nice offers.

Overcoming all odds on the academic front may take some doing, but you will manage it. The arrival of someone close may be a welcome change from your dull and dreary daily routine.


Realigning your relationships may rub some people the wrong way, but do what you have to do. It is best not to let minor irritants perturb your mind.

Turning your ideas into action is possible and is certain to give you great joy and contentment. Romance seems to be at its pinnacle, so enjoy every moment of it. Financially, you remain on a strong wicket.



It is best not to make an issue out of your health, as you may not find any takers! Expect some good news regarding a child or a sibling.

The domestic front seems serene and peaceful, and help you to unwind. Don’t bite more than you can chew at work, as it may translate into extra hours. Meeting lover seems to be the highlight of the day.


You will do well to strengthen old bonds, as you may need help in your professional endeavours. You will manage to make much progress in completing whatever you have undertaken.

Be judicious with your spending, as expenses are likely to mount. An ugly development on the marital front may take the shape of a showdown, only if you escalate the situation. Seeking mental solace through spirituality is possible.



Supporting partner, whether he or she is right or no, will be the right course of action. Difficulties on the financial front being faced currently may begin to disappear.

Those wanting particular options on the academic front may need to keep an open mind. Excessive health consciousness may make you paranoid, so take it easy. Stars suggest caution on the road today, so obey all traffic rules.


Your love interest may appear interested in someone else and make you jealous, but ascertain facts before you take any action. At work, issues weighing heavy on your mind need to be resolved on priority.

Bureaucratic hassles threaten to abort an important project. Reconsider your options on the property front to save as much as you can. A fitness programme may be taken up in the right earnest.


You will have the money and the inclination to start something new on the business front. However, consider all pros and cons before going ahead. A delay in receiving an outstanding payment is foreseen.

A senior may not like your attitude at work and may tick you off for it. There is a good chance of being invited to a social do. Eating right is the mantra to remain fit.


There is little point in pondering the imponderables; have faith in yourself and let destiny take its own course. Today, take some time out to raise someone’s spirit, as he or she may be feeling out of sorts.

Doing well in academics is likely to open many doors for you, but choose carefully. Today, spending time with your love is indicated and will prove most fulfilling.



You may have your hands full in arranging a function today. Mutual respect and understanding promise to take your relationship to a new height. Success on the academic front is foretold.

Those dealing with the public will have a comparatively easy day. Something that you need will be at hand and save you much running about. Money matters require close supervision.


Gaining experience is certain to add to your confidence and help get establish at work. Whatever be the outcome on the academic front, don’t get discouraged as plenty of opportunities remain.

Don’t trust anyone with your money under any pretext. Cash crunch may make you think of other avenues of earning. Avoid straining or overdoing the exercise bit in your efforts to get back into shape.



Competitive environment prevailing at work may unsettle you, but don’t give it up so easily. Take one step at a time in getting established. Your eye for detail will become your prized possession at work.

Overcome envy and you will find yourself a better person. You will succeed in bringing peace on the domestic front. This is the time to strengthen the family bonds.