Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, December 20th

Aquarius: Put your foot down and don’t get pushed around


A serious occurrence at work or home may keep you totally occupied, but it will get sorted out. A change of scene is about to happen soon and little you can do about it.

Taking expert advice for managing your finances will be a step in the right direction. Tackling an overbearing person may be topmost on your mind. Be logical in whatever you plan.



Rely on people you trust to sort out your problems. You must fulfil whatever you promise, as not doing so may not be taken in the right spirit.

Remaining stuck in a monotonous job may curb your creativity, so think of better alternatives. You will hold your own in the competitive environment on the academic front. It is time you became health and fitness conscious.



You may find it difficult to see somebody’s point of view, even though he or she is right. An outing or doing fun things together with friends today is foreseen.

You may be made responsible for an official event at work. Chances to get a loaned amount back brighten. You may go all out to win the heart of one you love. Don’t indulge in excesses of any kind.


Stop lording over people, just because you can; this can have bad repercussions in the future. Your focus may be lacking on the academic front. A new venture taken up may require resources, so put them together.

The financial situation looks promising and is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood. A rocking romantic evening is on the cards. Go all out for an important exam.


Use your gift of the gab to its fullest extent, if you want to bag a lucrative deal on the business front. Maintaining your lead on the academic front may become a good motivating factor.

Your personality and conduct is likely to impress someone from the opposite camp, who seems interested in you. An awaited payment may get delayed. You get to enjoy some great gastronomic delights today.


Do something about your image and personality, if you want to be considered for a better paying job. Teamwork with be the key to your success at work.

You will find outside support indispensable on the academic front. A shopping trip is on the anvil and may prove heavy on the pocket. You enter a positive period of life, where things end up being good.



Stop depending on people and learn to stand on your own two feet or others may begin to resent you. On the work front, taking liberties with the system does not augur well for you. Desist from such actions.

A secret longing for someone or something is likely to get fulfilled today. Good news is in the offing that can make homemakers happy.


Your family life may suffer, if you give more time to profession, so take steps to balance the two. Time is ripe to go ahead with a relationship that you had been dilly-dallying for long.

A good financial move may find you safely settled in the comfort zone. You become vicious when provoked and this is likely to spoil domestic atmosphere today, so be careful.



Your regular fitness routine promises to keep you hale and hearty. Lack of assertion at work in matters affecting you personally may project a wrong impression to higher-ups.

This is a good day to organise a family get together and invite all your loved ones. You may be put under observation on the academic front, but will manage to give a good account of yourself.


Don’t run away from complications; rather simplify the matter by thinking things out. Your long-held belief may get shattered in the wake of new developments.

Extra earning through other avenues is indicated and will keep you financially secure. Partner needs some loving care, so plan an outing and have a great time. Outdoor activities will be highly refreshing and will allow you to rejuvenate.


Put your foot down and don’t get pushed around, whatever be the consequences on the job front. You will manage to salvage an unfavourable situation by simply being persistent.

A recently concluded family function is likely to leave you with fond memories. Something urgent threatens to upset your daily routine. On the academic front, a good beginning will be a precursor for better things to come.



Think of better options to meet the competition head-on on the business front. You may invest in a lucrative scheme and benefit from it. Be on the forefront of things on the academic front to make your mark.

Much togetherness is foreseen for those newly in love. Pending payments are likely to be received soon. A friend is likely to extend full support to you in your hour of need.