Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Wednesday, December 13th

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Leo: Spending the time in the company of someone you like is indicated today.


Curiosity kills the cat and in your case it may get you behind bars, so don't pry into anyone’s private life to that extent. An unbiased approach to tackle a problem at work will get you to the solution faster.

Social front can keep some busy entertaining guests. A healthy mix of diet and exercise can do wonders. Be sensitive to your spouse’s needs and concerns.  



Your luck shines today to make you rich, so splurge to your heart’s content! At work, your negotiating skills will get what you want. Things look up on the academic front, as you make your mark, despite stiff competition.

Those pursuing higher studies will need to put their nose to the grindstone. There is really no point in keeping up with the Joneses and getting envious for nothing.



Your ideas on the home front are likely to see the light of the day, so get your creative juices flowing! Don't get distracted on the academic front, as you are at a crucial juncture.

At work, an important presentation is likely to go well, as you remain at your impressive best! Those newly married are set to enjoy the day in each other’s company.



A windfall by way of inheritance or gift cannot be ruled out for some. Your focus on the academic front may waver, so work towards retaining it.

At work, it is important to make people see your point of view for a better understanding. Your generous nature will bring out the best in someone close. Don’t overdo the workout bit, as you get strain injury.



Spending the time in the company of someone you like is indicated today. Don't neglect whatever has been entrusted to you at work, as it can have bad fallout. Your preparation on the academic front needs to be watertight. Making new friends is on the cards.

Today, you are likely to derive much pleasure from club activities or hobby. Strict self-discipline is needed to come back in shape.



It is vital to know that you count in the organisation that you work for, so don’t take yourself to be anything less. Making your mark on the academic front may take some doing, but it is not impossible.

You may be tasked with organising an official function or event. It is best not to invest everything you have, but keep some money aside for contingencies.



Gaining the confidence of a superior at work is the first step towards career progression, so put your best foot forward. Today, your efforts to convince someone may not entirely succeed, but keep sticking to your point.

Trying out a new idea may help in unravelling something that you did not know before. You may be required to help out someone on the academic front, so don’t disappoint.



Creating a name for yourself in your professional field is strongly indicated. It is a good time to firm in on the academic front, as the scene is likely to become hectic at a later stage.

A sense of achievement is promised for those doing business from home. Your love life remains most happening, as you spend time with partner. A family member will do you proud.



Don't fret over what has been irretrievably lost; what is gone is gone. At work, it is best not to overreact to a situation, as you may fall foul of higher ups. Money saved may come in handy for a worthy cause.

Homemakers will manage to bring the desired changes on the home front without added expenditure. A piece of good news is likely to cheer the eligible.



You can be expected to give full support to someone in the family, who needs you. At work, don’t let your ego spoil the environment and offend people. Celebrating someone’s birthday party or marriage anniversary is on the cards.

Those studying abroad or thinking of settling there may face obstacles, but not insurmountable ones. Fine cuisine, soft music and candlelight are the ingredients to bring lover closer.



Press home the advantage, if you get a chance. Offering a good incentive will be important in attracting the right material for your work. It is important to see the positive side of everything to remain in a positive frame of mind.

Those into buying and selling may require all their negotiating skills in a deal. Don’t overdo the exercise bit, as you may harm you.



You will manage to get on the right track on the academic front and improve your performance. Your efforts to impress those who matter at work are likely to get richly rewarded. A deal may not give expected profits, but will be good for building relationships.

Check a family youngster going wayward through practical advice, rather than preaching. Those in search of an ideal partner may get lucky.