Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, November 28th

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See what the day has in store for you!



You may have to go along with someone’s plans, even though you may not want to. Today, partner may take a different view in a matter and may oppose you, so take it in your stride, if you don’t want a scene.

At work, you may have to step up your pace to complete a project. Be careful while withdrawing money from the bank.



You may find your old enthusiasm missing in undertaking a new project or assignment at work, but don't let seniors notice it. On the academic front, it is best to clarify doubts there and then, rather than roam around confused.

A rival’s initiative to extend an olive branch will help forge better relations. A financial dispute may get amicably settled, thanks to your patience and perseverance.



Getting the better of your rivals is foreseen. You will do well to take the side of the one you favour, even at the cost of friendship. Keeping a safe distance from troublemakers will save you from embarrassing situations.

Don’t eat anything uncooked from outside, as you are certain to be laid up in bed. A family elder may help you in holding forth on the domestic front.



You may feel that someone is denying you what is your right, but there will be more to it. It is best to view only the positive side of whatever is transpiring in your personal life.

Exercise full control in a situation you are faced with today at work. This is an ideal time to kick-start your career. You do well to take your exercise regimen seriously.



Getting the better of your enemies may not be the right solution; try a conciliatory approach. At home, concern for someone’s comfort may trouble your mind, so take steps to rectify the situation.

Your daily schedule at work may get upset by call for an impromptu meeting. You manage to make a  good beginning in a new project or assignment on the academic front.



Try your best to do things on your own, as expecting people to help you out may not materialise. Put in efforts to make the workplace a level playing field for all.

Travelling with friends or family on a vacation is on the cards. Success is foretold for those wanting to get ahead on the professional front. A short-tempered family member needs a sympathetic ear, so offer yours.



Someone’s antics may befuddle and irritate you at the same time, but you will have to bear it with a smile! Your performance at work or in academics will build a positive image, so strive for the best.

Don't be rash even if seniors expect you to take quick decisions. You get the support when you need it the most. Don't go on gut feeling in financial matters.



Make the most of the opportunity that is being afforded to you at this juncture. Carry adequate cash in a journey to avoid any problems. Fun factor may need to be infused in making a celebration lively.

Those ailing for long may soon get on the road to total recovery. You are likely to win much appreciation by completing a task in record time.



Your prospects are set to brighten on the professional front. All issues pertaining to money get sorted out. An out of town business development tour may not prove to be worth the effort.

Visitors from out of town may upset your set daily routine, but meeting them will prove most exciting. An evening out proves enjoyable. Those ailing may take some more time to make a full recovery.



Attending to a pressing issue may take up a major portion of your day today. Those standing in a public office may need to woo their well-wishers and supporters for support.

Professionally, it seems to be a challenging day and you may have to tackle more than what is expected of you. Students are set to fare well. Misplacing something important is possible today, so remain guarded.



Teaming up with a colleague will lessen your burden on the academic front. In the office, you may find yourself neck deep in work today. A new project needs to be handled carefully, so don’t leave it on subordinates.

A family function is on the cards and will provide an opportunity to showcase your talents. Shrinking away from the real issue will just not do on the academic front.



Your current undertaking may hit a roadblock if you don't anticipate and act. Don't get swayed by someone’s rosy picture on the financial front, as he or she may fleece you.

Big spenders will get a chance today to impress people around them. Partner may not let you enjoy your personal time, due to his or her pressing demands. It is best to keep your mind de-stressed.