Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, November 21st

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, November 21st

See what the day holds for you today!


It is up to you to make someone understand what you want him or her to do, so approach with a positive mind. Be certain about your expectations from a partner in a relationship that you are about to enter to avoid any misunderstandings at a later date. Your unique style of handling work is certain to add to your efficiency on the professional front.



A firm hand is required to discipline a family youngster, but don't be too harsh. At work, don't bank upon anybody’s help for anything important.

Good news on the home front is likely to make you happy. Theorists and those associated with the share market may discover the day promising. Good diet and regular exercise will keep you physically robust. Don’t let your focus waver on the academic front.



Something that is nearing completion will keep you occupied today. A positive change in somebody’s attitude may come as a big relief to you. Playing a perfect host to someone special is indicated today.

At work, your responsibilities are likely to increase. Be alert on the academic front, so as not to miss any opportunities. Your helpful nature is likely to endear you to all.



You may not have your way today, so don't get upset about it. It is best to clarify any doubts that you harbour regarding an issue at work; sooner, the better.

Difficulty in repaying a loan is indicated for some. A family function will provide an opportunity to renew old relationships. Those in love can expect an enjoyable time together. Make efforts on the fitness front.




Be a little more compassionate to someone’s pleas, as he or she genuinely needs your help. At work, you may be compelled to stop whatever wrong is being perpetrated.

Solid efforts will be required to turn things favourable on the academic front. Outing with friends is indicated today and will be enjoyable, but watch your spending. Health remains good, as you take up a physical activity.



You are likely to become a victim of ridicule, if you don't put your act together on the job front. Shedding past grudges is difficult, but if you strive harder to get rid of them, you are likely to succeed.

An out of town business trip may prove worth the effort. You need to bring a few changes in your daily routine to remain fit.



Handle things better to take full advantage of a situation that you are faced with today. You cannot afford to neglect the academic front, pull up your socks.

Today, avoid an argument with anyone at work. Don’t bet on gut feeling, as it may lead to financial loss. Love may not be served on a platter; make efforts to seek it!



Tapping the potential of an expert will serve you well on the professional front. Relationship matters more than anything else, so don't neglect it. A new subordinate at work is likely to take substantial workload off your shoulders.  

You are likely to take up someone’s cause and earn appreciation from all quarters. A budgetary exchange will be to support you and add to your wealth.



There is no point in reacting to anyone’s comments or criticism, when you know that you are on the right. Expect an excellent time today in the company of like-minded people.

Shopping and travelling may dictate the day, so get set for some splurging. Investing in a popular scheme is likely to put you on a financial sound footing. Hindrances to your promotional prospects are set to gradually vanish.



Be careful at work today, as somebody is keeping a tag on you. You will benefit from good networking on the academic front. Making the atmosphere at home will be essential, on the off chance that you need to rest.

A family youngster may go wayward if you don’t give the right direction to him or her. A challenge posed on the financial front will need to be handled competently.



Try your best to avoid all unsavoury situations, as they will only frustrate you. Things on the work front remain under control as you get most of the things out of the way.

This is an ideal time to start something new on the business front. Your desire for better health can make you think on practical lines regarding diet and exercise. Romance rocks today, so enjoy!



Making the most out of what a chance offers is indicated. At work, you may press on with something you are passionate about and see it to completion.

Today, pure bliss is yours for the asking on the romantic front, as you get to spend quality time with lover. You will manage to get the desired results in an academic pursuit. Sale of house or property is indicated.


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