Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, March 6th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, March 6th

Gemini: An error at work will be rectified before it is discovered.


Your brilliant academic performance is likely to get you noticed. Those seeking placement can get an offer they simply can’t refuse! Your financial health is likely to encourage you to go on a shopping spree and splurge. You will need to take up all the pending work before it becomes unmanageable.

Good planning will see some setting out on an overseas journey. Excellent health is foreseen. Surprise your partner with a gift, if you want to woo him or her.



Your efficiency at work is likely to surprise all. Pending tasks will be cleared through your own efforts. A monetary award or some kind of recognition is in store for some. You will be able to raise finances for buying an expensive utility item.

Those looking for love can be disappointed. You can be forced to attend a family event that you are not keen on. Health remains excellent.


An error at work will be rectified before it is discovered. Spouse may not be in talking terms with you over an issue that is causing turbulence at home. You can hurt your lover by your unfounded insinuations.

You will have to balance the budget to pay off creditors. Fatigue and irritation may be a lot for those undertaking a long journey today. Remember, health foods are not an alternative to workouts. You are likely to get overworked.   


You will be upbeat about a positive development on the romantic front. Those aspiring to study abroad can face hurdles in the absence of correct guidance. Implementing new ideas without vetting them can prove expensive both monetarily and time-wise.

Expenditure needs to be curbed, even if you need to compromise on important things. It is important to look at the larger picture rather than adopt a narrow viewpointt. Looking up someone you like is on the cards.


A positive development on the academic front is likely to give students a morale boost. Those in love may plan an outing together on the sly. Shopaholics can spend more than they had intended to. Family will be supportive of your endeavours.

Lend money only if you don’t want to see it again! Annoying someone you dislike is not the answer to getting even. Keep your jealous nature under leash. You will need to control your temper today.  


Don’t undertake anything connected with property today as stars appear unfavourable. Some of you are likely to participate in a religious ceremony connected with wedding or otherwise. You can be apprised of your performance by your boss today.

Your longing for love will help you find a way to your lover’s heart! A previous investment promises good returns. You can remain busy in setting up the house. Health remains satisfactory. Your luck turns favourable today.


An argument at work threatens to leave a bad taste in the mouth. Financial problems can force you to make compromises in your quality of life. Fatigue and tiredness can plague some. Some of you will need to take a good grip of the situation on the domestic front.

Meeting old friends and relations is on the cards and will help cheer you up. Enjoy a long drive with lover today! You are likely to enjoy the festive spirit.


You will be able to infuse harmony on the domestic front. Family will be supportive, especially for those following a hectic schedule. Romance thrills, but can distract you from other important pursuits. Your physical condition is likely to worry you, so do something about it.

A task not performed up to the mark may put you in the dock. Money invested in a scheme may not give the expected returns. Expect to be inundated with gifts today.


You can balance too many tasks today. Creative people are likely to earn through their talents. Talk about your promotion can reach your ears. Someone close will help you in sorting things out on the domestic front.

Positive thoughts will be your greatest aide in keeping negativity at bay. A new purchase will help you keep up with the rivals. You will manage to nurture a sick family member back to health. You will enjoy your heart out today.


Fresh air and physical activity will do your health a whale of a good. You can get more conscious of your financial situation and get into the saving mode. Homemakers are likely to overdo things on the home front.

You will need to do something about a situation at work before it puts you in the dock. Those in love can find it difficult to honour a promise. Don’t let your mood swings spoil the day.


It is best not to interfere in someone else’s life as it may not be taken kindly to. A competitive situation will force you to out think your rivals. Those seeking a favourable posting will need to play their cards really well.

Some legwork may be required for releasing funds for a new venture. You will be able to overcome lover’s moodiness. Some of you can start morning or evening walks. Impressing those who matter will be easy.


You are likely to impress those who matter to further your career. Financial stability is foreseen for some. You can have the feeling that family is not heeding you, but this will not be so. Those unwell for the past few days can expect their condition to improve.

Don’t buy or sell property today as stars appear unfavourable. Some of you will work towards achieving peak physical fitness. This is a great day to meet people you love.  

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