Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, Januray 2

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, Januray 2

Gemini: An opportunity may go waste at work, if you are not quick enough.


There will be no hidden agenda in someone’s actions, so give your suspicious nature a break! Selective study needs to be avoided, as it may affect your performance on the academic front. Don’t press a point with a senior today and be more tactful in your interaction.

Prospects on the financial front brighten and make chances brighter to accumulate wealth. On the family front, you may have to call a spade a spade, irrespective of hurting anyone’s feelings.


Don’t be demanding with someone you enjoy romantic relations. You can’t hope for better luck than what you are enjoying now! Professionals will be able to establish themselves firmly and increase their clientele. Those facing an exam or a competition are likely to surprise even themselves by their excellent showing.

Parents of someone eligible may get an offer for a suitable match they just can’t refuse! A fun trip can be organized today. Health remains satisfactory.


An opportunity may go waste at work, if you are not quick enough. You will find yourself well off financially at this point of time. Those afflicted with a lifestyle disease will be able to keep it in check and may even show improvement.

Shallow knowledge is likely to make some come a cropper on the academic front. Cold shouldering somebody may create a sworn enemy, so maintain bonhomie with all. Kiss and make up with spouse.  


You are set to undermine your reputation, if you don’t follow what you preach. There is a chance to consolidate your position on the professional front, so don’t let it go waste. A side business will start giving good returns and add to your wealth.

Your academic performance is likely to please you. Search for those looking for a suitable match is likely to end. Recent developments on the romantic front may delight you no end.


Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t be in any hurry to prove yourself. Improvement on the academic front is the need of the hour. Despite your untiring efforts to enhance earning, you will remain a struggling straggler on the financial front.

Action taken to keep fit on the health front may be too little, too late. Don’t involve yourself in things that don’t concern you on the social front, as it can have unsavory fallout.


If you only listen, half your problems will be solved! Money will not be a problem for you as you begin to earn well. Lover is likely to share your romantic mood today, so expect romance to rock!

Some of you may make a few changes in your lifestyle just to retain good health. On the social front, you may yearn to share your inner feelings with someone close. An exam or competition will need your full focus.


Things may not work for you in the present scenario. Don't delay in dealing with a contentious issue, as it may have dire consequences for you. You may need to get closer to someone, if you want what you seek.

Those in love may get serious enough to think of tying the knot. Those looking for a suitable accommodation are likely to find one that fits their pocket.


You may need to give time to someone to increase his or her output at work or on the academic front. A personal job will get accomplished only by taking the initiative yourself.

If you are not in a romantic mood today, make it clear to partner from the very beginning! Changes on the home front are likely to get implemented without any hindrance. You enjoy good health.


Work and more work is likely to dictate the day, but you remain undeterred! Your unwavering focus and desire to win at any cost will find you smooth sailing a challenging situation on the professional or academic front.

Opening some more avenues of earning cannot be ruled out on the financial front. You do your health a great favour by remaining regular in your workouts. Seeking your own space on the home front may become your prime drive.  


You enjoy most when in the company of your near and dear ones, so expect such a gathering soon! Introducing some new procedures or drawing a new policy for the organisation is possible for some. You will be able to devote equal time to family and work.

Taking steps to rekindle your love life is possible and promises to put romance back on tracks. A short break from the daily grind to someplace faraway is possible.


You remain unruffled in the face of adversity, but it is important to think up lasting solutions to the problems facing you. Don’t keep anything important pending today at work, as you may get hauled up for it.

Initiating a repair job to residential premises is indicated. An excellent family time is in store for you. You continue to perform well on the academic front. Financial front remains rosy.


Catering to someone who has come on a visit will prove most enjoyable. Things turn out well for you on the academic front. Your willingness for work is likely to make you the favourite of superiors. A new business strategy works wonders in attracting customers and may find you in a profitable situation.

Balancing work and the social front will not pose many problems. Organising a function or inviting someone over is possible today. Do something about your failing health.    

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