Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, January 16th

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Capricorn: Some of you are likely to reach a milestone in your career.


You may become part of a blame game at work, so try to steer clear. Some tensions are seen on the family front, but you will manage to diffuse it. A relationship needs to be nurtured with love and care, so get on with it.

Travelling today will be smooth, as you avoid the traffic snarls. On the professional front, it is better to wait for some time before initiating your plans. You will consolidate your financial front.  



This is an ideal time to give your creativity a free run! You will succeed in manoeuvering yourself to a position of advantage on the professional front. Discovering new avenues for enhancing wealth will not pose much difficulty for you. A loan given to someone is likely to be returned with interest.

The truce is likely to be called in a family disagreement. You are likely to offer the best to an outsider who has come to stay with you.


Your academic performance is likely to be lauded by all. Professionally, your energies will yield enormous productivity. People groomed by you will not let you down and make you proud with their achievements. You may be romantically inclined to someone you have met in an event or a party.

Travel will rejuvenate you overall. Joining a gym is on the cards for those who want to achieve perfect fitness. Financially, stars look favourable and will keep the cash register ringing.


Someone is out to tarnish your image at work, so be careful. An unpleasant surprise awaits you on the financial front. You may not be able to get the bargain price for an expensive item you desire to own.

Things may not be to your liking on the professional front today. Your insistence on something at work is likely to ruffle the feathers of colleagues. Bad thoughts and dreams may play on your mind and unnecessarily stress you.



You will manage to get included in a team or group that is travelling out of town. Don’t commit of doing something that is not in your capacity. Indulge in gossips at your own peril. People may not see you in the positive light when discussing luxuries; so limit your conversations only with the people with similar wavelengths.

You may resent someone controlling your life, but little you can do about it at this juncture. A change in work schedule on the professional front may not be to your liking.


You may have to contend with a changed environment on the professional front. Things move as per your plan on the workplace. Problems on the academic front will start disappearing as you start making efforts for the same. Financially, you will be in a much comfortable position than before.

Romance may enter your life in a most unexpected manner. Wedding bells may ring for those eligible. A new exercise routine will prove good for your health.  


Don’t feel reluctant to befriend someone to gain the advantage on the professional front. A planned diet chart will be beneficial as compared to a rigorous exercise routine. Boss may ask you for some skill enhancement or an additional training to leverage your work profile.  

Academic front requires more hard work. You may have to institute stringent measures to complete a project in time. Romantic life will move along smoothly and give much joy.  


You will take time out to get in touch with those who matter on the social front. It is an auspicious day to buy or sell a property. Legal wrangles are likely to get sorted out in your favour.

You will manage to do the needful to get back in shape. Keeping pace on the academic front will not be difficult. Professionally, the day appears quite satisfying, as you get the opportunity to solve problems that besiege you.


Meeting someone after a long time is possible. A satisfying love life will keep you in a happy mood. Travelling, especially to look up an ailing out of town relation, will help boost your social image. You will succeed in bringing harmony on the domestic front. Children will bring laurels.

Work wise, your ideas will be brought in action. Businessmen are likely to key in new deals. Money loaned to someone may come back to you.


Some of you are likely to reach a milestone in your career. Support from the family will help you in accomplishing your dreams. Your insistence on something may prove useful at work. Countering a rival who threatens to upstage you on the academic front will not be too difficult.

Good earning is likely to take the worry off your mind on the financial front. Your love life is likely to give you immense joy, so make the right moves!


Your habit of gossip may not be appreciated by all. The burden of work can affect your output today. Distractions on the academic front can prevent you from achieving much. You need to speed up as competition grows stronger.

A trivial argument over a petty issue is possible today. A raise or bonus is likely for those on the financial downswing. Problems on the health front simply disappear.


Good health allows you to take up new challenges. Students are likely to rise and shine in their streams. Money comes in a steady stream. You will manage to raise enough capital to repay a loan.

Professionally, you will set your ideas in motion and reap much from them. Harmony prevails on the home front. A family elder needs your help, so extend a helping hand. Love life appears a bed of roses, as partner bestows love and affection.