Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, February 20th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, February 20th

Sagittarius: An awaited payment is likely to materialise


Well-wishers will go all out to promote your professional prowess to ensure your professional well-being. A lingering ailment shows all signs of abating, so expect to get rid of it at the earliest. Organising an outing for friends and relations is on the cards and will prove most enjoyable.

Previous investments will bring a steady stream of returns to keep your bank balance brimming. An assignment submitted on the academic front may come in for praise.


A decision at work will prove favourable in boosting your career. You will be in a position to repay a loan in full without touching your savings. An outing with friends is foreseen for some and will be great fun. Expect wholehearted support from lover today.

Your special efforts to get back in shape will be successful. Much excitement is foreseen on the domestic front, as you get to meet your near and dear ones.


Lack of directions from higher-ups can put you in a quandary at work. A chance encounter may show signs of blossoming into a full-fledged romance, but don’t be hasty. A highly anticipated visit to a relation or friend may get postponed and disappoint you.

You may be kept busy the whole day on the professional front without any tangible outcome. Those browsing the job market may feel a bit disappointed, but should not lose heart.


Academic excellence is foretold for those pursuing higher studies. Good contacts will help you free an important project from bureaucratic hassles and raise your reputation on the professional front. A commitment made to lover will be fulfilled to his or her satisfaction.

Your love for nature is likely to motivate you to go for long walks. A change of air will do wonders for both your physical and mental being. Those participating in extracurricular activities are in for praise.


Monetary situation may change for the better, but only if you manage to curb wasteful expenditure. You are likely to become health conscious and take up an exercise routine. Someone close may help you out of an unfavourable situation.

A showdown with parents or siblings cannot be ruled out. An out of town official trip may give some respite to those wanting a change from their dull routine. The professional front seems promising for those out to impress superiors.


Money comes to you from an unexpected source and will let you enjoy a shopping spree! Taking a package tour to an exotic destination is foreseen for some and will prove great fun. A happy mix of diet and exercise promises to keep you fit as a fiddle.

You are likely to succumb to the charms of someone you have only met once! Meeting the expectations of seniors regarding an assignment or project may not prove difficult for you.


Promise of financial help by a friend or associate may not materialise. Romantic interest awakening within you for someone you like may not be reciprocated and dash your hopes for a budding romance. Things may not go right for you in a long Journey.

Stars advise caution, as events on the professional front don’t seem too favourable. You may fail to take the necessary steps to resolve the differences cropping up on the work front.


Take your time in a property matter, as things don’t look good. A romantic relationship needs to be tended with care, so take steps to strengthen it. Much fun awaits some in a journey. Spending money may become an issue with spouse. Don’t let lethargy get the better of you on the health front.

A professional rival may keep you on your toes at work. Keeping a low profile on the academic front will be important today.


An awaited payment is likely to materialise soon to fill your coffers. There is immense happiness in store for you on the family front, as the festive season gets you in its grip. A love at first sight situation may lead you to a budding romance.

Your go-getting attitude may come to the notice of those who matter on the professional front. Something tasked to you on the academic front will be completed in an exemplary fashion.


Keep options open on the investment front. Lonely hearts may need to double their efforts to get what they seek! A loan required urgently may soon materialise. Things seem favourable on the health front, as you manage to maintain your workout routine.

You will be able to steer your domestic boat away from choppy waters by compromises and sacrifices. You will manage to emerge unscathed from a financial problem. Commencing something new on the professional front today is indicated.


Getting too deep into the details of a project can hamper its timely completion, so weigh this fact carefully. It can become difficult for you to hide your annoyance at someone you dislike. Your desire for fitness is likely to make you turn to sports.

Some of you may plan to save to buy a house or property. You may resolve to get most of the pending issues out of the way on the work front today.


Keeping close tabs on someone on the academic front will be to your advantage. You may need to hone your professional skills to come at par with others. Travelling on a business trip may not bring the expected returns, but you will still benefit.

Turn on your charm on the romantic front and rejoice! You are likely to take up a creative pursuit and earn appreciation from all quarters. Homemakers are likely to at their impressive best.

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