Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, December 26

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Gemini: Creating the right conditions for foraying into something new is important.




An urgent out of town trip is on the anvil for some. You may get concerned regarding your child or younger sibling, but things get sorted out.

Today, you may need to extra hours to clear a lot of pending work. Good earning opportunities come your way and promise to make you financially secure. Deft handling of an explosive domestic situation will help diffuse it.



You stand to gain by remaining on friendly terms with all, even those you don’t exactly like. Today, you get a chance to spend time with people of your generation, so expect an enjoyable time.

Your belief in yourself will help you overcome problems encountered on the academic front. A new partnership is likely to be forged, but test the waters before you venture into unknown territory.



Creating the right conditions for foraying into something new is important. A windfall is in the scheme of things and destined to make you rich.

At work, it is better not to undertake anything in a half-hearted manner, as this may show in the end result. Your dual nature is quite evident today as you thrill your lover with your ideas and gift of the gab.


You may go to ludicrous lengths to remain centre of attraction in your circle. Work smart to enhance your career prospects. A previous investment may not give the expected returns.

You may not be able to eke out a favour from someone influential on the academic front, but persistence will pay. Those romantically inclined can expect things to turn promising on the romantic front.


A half-finished job may be your undoing at work, so don’t take chances and complete it. Someone’s guidance is likely to bring about a positive change in your performance on the academic front.

Your friends’ circle is set to expand, as you come in contact with some interesting personalities. A sightseeing tour will prove both enjoyable and informative. Those in love may plan something special today.


If you get reckless, only you will be harmed, so remain calm and composed and take whatever comes your way in the right spirit. Winning the trust of people on top is important for your career prospects.

Chances of shifting base look real for those in the government job. Soured relations with someone may bite you from within yet there is not a lot you can do at present.



Stop pointing fingers at your own people under the influence of a scheming person; he or she has vested interests. Today, you will manage to find time to complete pending jobs.

This is a decent time to purchase property or go in for renovation. You are likely to excel in an inter-departmental competition or a promotion exam. Someone you love may have something special lined up for you today, so enjoy!



You manage to make steady progress on the academic front. A family elder may need help, so do whatever you can. Those connected with the media may hit it rich by getting a great scoop.

On the business front, a project continuing for long may finally get completed. Don’t indulge in street food from, as you are certain to be laid up in bed.



You may get into a bit of a panic regarding completion of something assigned to you. Remaining in the right frame of mind is important in tackling contentious issues either at work or at home.

Academic front seems promising, as you are able to score over competitors. Plan your expenditure in detail to keep within the budget. A journey to a distant location proves most refreshing and rejuvenating.



Tensions in a relationship may become a thing of the past, as happiness enters your life. On the academic front, acting on the suggestions of an experienced colleague will help you in more ways than one.

A task that interests you is probably going to come your direction. Someone you trusted for investing your money may let you down. Unnecessarily worrying about health may actually make you unwell!



An official trip will make you much the wiser in tackling your job. You are likely to scale new heights in your career. Those sitting for an exam or competition need to be better prepared, as anything less may mar their chances. You may get a chance to organise something for the organisation you work for. Romance beckons and will prove most exhilarating. Health remains satisfactory.



There is much that is expected of you at work, so don’t falter in delivering it. Driving home your ideas on someone may seem like water off a duck’s back, but don’t give up on him or her yet!

Those disposing of immovable assets must not lower their asking price. Expect good health by adhering to your fitness routine. Newlyweds will get to enjoy the day together.