Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, January 11th

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Aquarius: You are set to gain an edge at work to score over rivals


Money concerns may bog you down, but the situation is not as bad as you think. Manufacturers may wish to experiment a new league of products in the market.  

Sales folks can expect a challenging environment to showcase their skills. A new furniture item or an electrical appliance may occupy your mind till it is purchased. Attending a family do with lover in tow is not advisable as of now. Some tiff with a neighbour cannot be ruled out for some.



You are likely to get someone’s praise for the help rendered to him or her. You may wish to spend some time in self-introspection to uncover your hidden talents. Your excellent performance on the academic front will make you the front-runner.

Enhanced earnings and handsome returns from investments will keep your financial boat cruising along smoothly. You may become instrumental in getting something big organised on the home front.


You will have to be more focussed on the academic front. Some of you have plans to begin a new relationship but remember you will also need to invest time in it as well.  Someone may require your help on the professional front and may be open about it.

Good financial instincts will save you from being duped by over smart people. Your romantic aspirations will be much fulfilled by your lover. You may turn health conscious.


You may need to keep an alternate option ready for something you have committed. An ancestral house is likely to come in your name through inheritance. Those looking for suitable employment can land a dream job. Some of you stand a good chance for campus recruitment by top multinational companies.

Homemakers can remain dissatisfied with the quality of renovation work despite spending time and money on it. A seemingly perfect matrimonial match may need a relook.



Someone may pester you for a favour and irritate you, but extend all the help. Those playing the stocks can burn their fingers through recklessness. You may find it difficult to raise funds for an event.

You can be a complete washout in front of your rivals without competitive spirit. Those in the creative field can have a tough time in convincing a client. Switching over to healthy food will be in your favour for retaining good health.



Someone may use you to his or her ends, so be careful. This is a fine time to apply from a car loan as chances of its getting sanctioned look bright. Professionals will need to be at their networking best to get good deals.

You need to be patient to bring back all the odds back on tracks. The one you admire may reciprocate with the similar love vibes. Travel stars burn bright for those looking for an overseas trip.


Your initiative may get you the expected benefit. Those planning to travel to a distant place must cross check that all bookings are in place. Speculation may not yield the desired results. You may have to go out of the way to convince your family for love marriage.

Fitness classes alone will not be of much use, so focus on dietary control too. Homemakers can feel frustrated if change of scene doesn’t happen fast!



You may get mentally perturbed over an issue that has rankled you for long. Property booked by you is likely to come into your possession soon. A senior’s guidance is set to make your task easier on the professional front. Financial security is assured.

Total bliss is foretold on the romantic front, as you cement your relationship with lover ever so strongly. Your mental health may cause concern.


Getting to know someone better may help clear previous misunderstandings. There is much what someone may contribute at work, so welcome it. You will find the family more than supportive in your endeavours.

Lover will leave no stone unturned in revving up love life on the romantic front. Driving off just for a change of scene is foreseen and will be lots of fun. Don't indulge excesses on the health front.


You may have to train your mind for not taking things, lying down. Getting overlooked at work for something prestigious may be hurtful, but take it in your stride.

Financially, your bank balance is set to grow and keep you in a comfortable situation. You may be unhappy with a family member because of his or her attitude. Love may come to you most unexpectedly! Health remains satisfactory.


You are set to gain an edge at work to score over rivals. Keep things simple, if you want to enjoy life. On the academic front, you will be better off seeking someone’s guidance.

A religious or marriage ceremony is likely to be planned at home. Things look up at work, as you get in line for promotion. You will get a chance to share your feelings with lover.



You may have to tighten your belt on the academic front for a worthwhile showing. Latest developments on the professional front may push you to consider your options. You may get into the trap of trying out some superstitious mumbo-jumbo just to make things favourable.

There is no instant gratification on the career front, so pace your progress to succeed. A financial crunch cannot be ruled out for some. Some turbulence on the romantic front is indicated.